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Phase 2 of my new website is in development, which will include downloadable classes and an online portal for students and members!
I’m really excited to bring all these exciting new offerings!
In the meantime, browse through some of my current courses as well as my back catalogue of classes, webinars and conference lectures, you’ll find a selection of content for beginners, advanced students as well as topic specific classes.

Retrograde Planets Webinar

While retrograde planets are a phenomenon unique from Earth’s perspective, they prompt rich territory for exploration within the birth chart.

Retrograde planets are so much more than either just being direct (going forward) or retrograde (moving backwards). A part of the retrograde cycle includes changes in planetary speed, visibility and direction.

We’ll explore some of the ideas about the interpretation of retrograde planets through the eyes of different astrological eras and traditions.

As you explore the symbolism of the various parts of the retrograde cycle, you’ll discover that these dynamic phases bring meaning and practical application beyond a planet just being retrograde or direct.

Live online class

June 25, 2020
12pm AEST

June 24, 2020
7pm PDT
10pm EDT

(convert to your timezone)

All those who register for this webinar will receive the video as well as related handouts shortly after, whether you attend live or not.

This webinar is $25AUD

Exploring the Planets – Contemporary Astrology Program (Level 2)

Level 2 is a continuation of the beginners astrology series. By now, you’ll have an understanding of the houses, as well as which zodiac sign is responsible for various topics in your life.

This part of the program opens up you up to the magical meanings of the planets, the core of astrology. You’ll discover how the each of the 10 most commonly used planets derived their meaning and how you can practically apply it to your life. 

You’ll also learn about different ways to classify planets, and how they can be modified depending on the sign a planet occupied when you were born.

By the end of Level 2, you’ll begin to make astrological interpretations based on the signs, planets and houses in your own birth chart.

Course Details

Starts April 23, for four consecutive Thursdays
12pm AEST Check your timezone
All students, whether you attend live or not, will have access to all course files.
Prerequisite; completion of Contemporary Astrology Program, level 1, or equivalent. A solid understanding of the houses and the zodiac is required.

This course is 200AUD (approx 127USD))

Contemporary Astrology Program

I designed this beginners module to help you grasp the concepts of learning astrology in an efficient and useful way. With over 10 years of teaching experience, I now share online with you useful techniques and approaches that have helped countless students begin their astrological journey.

Whether you’re brand new to astrology or looking to brush up on the basics, you’ll come away with practical tools you can apply in understanding and reading a birth chart.

Signs, planets and houses are the building blocks of all forms of astrology. Developing a solid foundation in these core symbols is the first essential step in learning astrology.

In the process, you’ll learn about some of your own tendencies and predispositions in regard to topics such as money and finance, love and relationship, career and life direction.

If you’re ready to learn more about yourself and those you love by understanding the ancient and magical mystery of the sky – then join me in the Contemporary Astrology Program for Beginners.

Building your understanding from the very beginning, you’ll learn how the sky is divided, known as the houses and what they mean. An in-depth treatment of each zodiac sign, inclusive of modalites, elements and seasonal relationships will help you develop a deep understanding of each of the 12 signs.

You’ll also learn a little about the origins, history and philosophy of astrology which will help you appreciate its rich and ancient wisdom. 

This course has two key objectives. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to;

– Determine and describe which houses hold the most influence in your life and what that means for you.
– Describe which zodiac sign rules different life topics, demonstrating your understanding of how your approach to different areas of life is highlighted by your birth chart

*This class is currently being held each Thursday (March 12, 19, 26, April 2) 12pmAEST check your timezone.
Even though this course has begun, upon registering, you’ll receive all the classes to either catch up or learn at your own pace.

This course is 250AUD (approx 165UAD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources and homework exercises.

Exploring 2020 – Year Ahead Webinar

This over 2 hour webinar guides you through all the highlights and lowlights of 2020.

You’ll learn about the planetary cycles that present both challenges as well as the sweet spots the represent unique opportunities for growth and progress.

Included are;
– Saturn / Pluto conjunction
– The 3 conjunctions of Jupiter and Pluto
– Saturn in Aquarius
– Venus retrograde
– Mars retrograde
– Nodes changing signs and cross-over eclipse year
– Major planetary aspects

This webinar is 25AUD, (approx 17USD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources.

Aversion – Astrology’s Hidden Aspect

One of my most popular lectures, originally given at UAC2018 and then for the AYA.
This is an online webinar recording.

The nature of an aspect is ‘to see’ or ‘to witness’ something. What happens in the birth chart when a planet responsible for a certain life topic cannot see the house it rules?
In this webinar, you’ll explore some of these blinds spots and how they manifest.

This is rich and rewarding astrological terrain that can totally transform the way you read charts.

This webinar is 25AUD, (approx 17USD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources.

Layering Techniques

I created this 4 week course to help astrologers combine and integrate the techniques you already know to improve your consultations and build your confidence.

Sometimes approaching a birth chart in preparation for a client consult can be overwhelming. There may be so much going on, while at other times, you’ll have may have to rely on tools you don’t always use.

Some common things that may run through your mind as you begin to delineate a chart might be;

–  Exciting, a 10th house profection
–  Oh no, the solar return doesn’t look too good for career
–  Their secondary progressed Sun is about to change sign
–  Umm, I wonder if their firdaria cycle tells us anything?
–   But what about this Uranus transit?

It can be tricky to find a way to weave all these threads together. Sometimes, people do get pulled in different directions in different phases of life, and the threads can’t be woven in way that fits nicely.

We’ll focus on how to layer profections, firdaria, solar returns, secondary progressions and lunar phases.

The purpose of this course is to help you figure all that out, demystify all the layers and reduce overwhelm.
I’ll offer you plenty of insights, tips and tricks I’ve figured out along the way in my 14 years of consulting with clients.  

This 4 – week training is 250AUD (approx 165UAD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources and homework exercises.

Predicting by the Light of the Moon – The Lunar Phases

This 3 hour webinar explores the importance of the light of the Moon, what it means in your birth chart and how it changes through time. 

Like the phases of the Moon, we too have our own phases or ‘seasons’ in life. 
In this webinar you’ll discover the meaning of your own personal season and how those seasons evolve and change over time.

You’ll gain a deep understanding about the times to surge forward in life, and when it’s time to pull back and re-emerge again, which can help with making predictions for your clients.

This webinar is 25AUD, (approx 17USD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources.

Firdaria – Planetary Time Lord System

Likened to the Vedic Dasha system, the Firdaria assigns one or two planets to oversee a period of time in the native’s life. The first use of the Firdaria dates back to the Medieval period, but in the modern day, has gone largely overlooked.

Firdaria highlights important periods in a person’s life. It’s a simple technique that is determined by sect, aka, being born by day or night. You’ll learn how to personalise these periods in your own life and how they interplay with other techniques such as transits and progressions as well as natal aspects.

Firdaria is one tool I regularly use that helps me make predictions for my clients. By describing the nature of time they are entering as suggested by their firdaria cycle, we can explore the possibilities and problems over a given time period.

This webinar is 25AUD, (approx 17USD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources.

Introduction to Secondary Progressions

This symbolic timing system, while exceptionally simple to use, can be confusing to wrap your head around.
This webinar is ideal for those wanting to explore predictive astrology and delve into how you grow, change and evolve over time.

You’ll learn;

What are secondary progressions and why are they important
How to calculate your own secondary progressions
Reading secondary progressions from the ephemeris
How to indentify significant turning points in your lifeWhat changes in planetary direction means via secondary progression

By the end of the webinar, you’ll gain a deeper understanding about how these profound and permanent changes influence your personality, and the events of your life.

There will be loads of example charts from a combination of famous people and my private clients who’ve shared their charts as teaching tools, with permission. These examples will help demonstrate the influence and power secondary progressions in your life.

By the end of this 2 hour, 15 minute webinar you’ll be able to choose VIP secondary progressions and describe the influence they’ll have in yours or a client’s life. 

This webinar is 25AUD, (approx 17USD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources.

Predicting with Profections

In this webinar, we’ll explore the Hellenistic time lord system known as annual profections. This elegant and surprisingly simple system hones in on your most dominant planet for a given time period.

You’ll discover;

Which planet is switched on as a time lord and when
How profections can ignite themes in the birth chart
How to incorporate profections with timing techniques you already use

I’ll show you how I combine techniques such as secondary progressions, firdaria, solar returns and even the concepts of horary (my personal favourite) to help you define the planetary themes for a given time period.

We’ll examine celebrity charts as well as some from my client files.

Incorporating profections into your astrological toolkit can help you improve your accuracy and efficiency in reading charts.

This webinar is most suited for intermediate students as we’ll be covering a variety of techniques. An assumed understanding of fundamentals of chart interpretation at the minimum is required to get the most out of this content.

This webinar is 25AUD, (approx 17USD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources.

Jupiter in Capricorn

December 3 2019 – December 19, 2020 sees a significant shift in tone as Jupiter moves through Capricorn. During this rare cycle, Jupiter will also connect with Saturn and Pluto.

In this webinar, you’ll discover where and how you’re ready to practically apply the growth, wisdom and expansion gained in 2019, and how that can set you up for longer-term success.

As Jupiter moves from inspired fire through pragmatic earth, you’ll learn fresh ideas around growth, increase and abundance.
While this cosmic shift might feel like the proverbial ‘wet blanket’ you’ll learn more about how the containment of Saturn’s rings may actually be the perfect incubator for your ambition, desire and sustainable growth.

As Jupiter moves closer to Saturn in preparation for the ‘great conjunction’ of December 2020, we’ll touch on the cycles of growth and contraction and how Jupiter’s tour of Capricorn can lay the foundation for new developments in your life from late 2020 and beyond.

Jupiter in Capricorn will make a series of aspects in 2020, and we’ll cover the dates where you can maximise the potential of Jupiter and harness its benefit in your life.

This webinar is 25AUD, (approx 17USD).
Soon after receipt of payment, you will be emailed class files, including all resources.

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Aries in 2020

Please note: The dates listed are in Australian time, you may need to adjust slightly for your time zone.

2020 beings with planetary powerhouse Saturn and Pluto joining forces in your career sector on January 13. You might be ready to let go of a long-term responsibility or commitment as you move toward a professional path that deeply fulfils you. Mars, your sovereign star spends the second half of 2020 in your sign. From June 28 through until January 7 2021, you’ll be on the go-slow as the cosmos invites you to rediscover yourself and re-ignite forgotten passions.


2020 is the first full calendar year that Uranus spends in Taurus, and in your 2nd sector of money. 2018 and 2019 initiated you to the changes that are possible during this long-term cycle. Above all else, Uranus seeks freedom and autonomy. You may suddenly become interested in new or innovative ways to obtain financial independence, liberate yourself from debt or create opportunities to grow your wealth.
When it comes to your resources, you can err on the conservative side. Under Uranus’ radical influence, you’re encouraged to consider new ideas about money.
Bucking convention and busting beyond a comfort zone is your cosmic key to securing the financial stability you desire. Remaining curious and open is especially important on May 6 while Mercury and Uranus connect.

Adopting new technology or an out- of- the- blue idea may unlock something that has been stuck or stagnant in respect to increasing your cash.
If you’re in the early stages of self-employment, a newcomer in your industry or, looking to take a side-line hussle to the next level, a breakthrough is possible on March 9 as lucky star Venus fuses with Uranus. You might land a cashed- up client in your business or secure a raise or promotion you weren’t expecting at work.

A lucrative link between Venus and generous Jupiter on March 28 may highlight an array of new opportunities to grow abundance. A person of influence may offer timeless advice about money or you might discover that you’re in a better financial position than you thought.

Home Life

Progressing forward toward a domestic dream is possible as the North Node in Cancer continues to occupy your 4th sector until May 5. Under this karmic influence, you’ll feel increasingly connected to your family members, those you call family or with whom you share your living space with.
June 21 sees a New Moon eclipse in Cancer, book-ending the last 18-month chapter of growth and potential in your home and family life.
While progress and developments may be trending along as you hoped, you’ll have the extended cycle of Mercury to help you work out the details as you move forward. Whether you’re looking to plan family events, organise tradespeople in your home or plan a relocation, you’ll have Mercury onside from May 29 – June 19. From then, you might bump into some snafus, crossed-wires or miscommunications, thanks to a retrograde, or reverse cycle.
Confusion about money, contracts or agreements involving your home might pop up on July 1. Remaining cautious, yet open to new ideas and carefully exploring your options can help you turn shock or surprise to your advantage on July 22.
The need to make an adjustment between your desires and someone else’s schedule is possible on July 8, as Mercury clashes with Mars, your patron planet. Treating the situation with TLC will ensure a better outcome for you when Mercury and Mars meet again on July 28.
As Mercury begins to pick up speed from July 11 and continues through Cancer until August 5, you’ll have all the facts at hand to charge ahead with your domestic plans. Venus will pick up where Mercury left off from August 8 – September 6, providing sweet relief after a period of stalled progress. You might opt to use the supportive and nurturing influence of Venus in Cancer gathering those you love, enjoying increased togetherness at home.


Some of your happiest relationship moments are possible when Venus tours Libra from October 28 – November 22.
Under her sweet influence, you may
find it easier to express your feelings which can heighten togetherness. If you’re looking for love, you’ll have Venus’ support in attracting attention and making the right connections.
While in Libra, Venus will face off with your patron planet Mars on November 9. This may highlight your shifting desires when it comes to relationships. Tension between what someone special wants versus what might, or might not want, are well worth exploring now. Considering your options and making the necessary adjustments can help you achieve your goals while making your special someone feel included.

Mercury visits your 7th sector twice, helping you get clear about how to increase harmony and balance in your most important relationships. Getting the ball rolling when it comes to discussing what you want in love is highlighted from September 11 – 27.
Hitting a proverbial snag is possible from October 8 – November 3 as Mercury takes a very brief reverse cycle through Libra and your 7th house. “If in doubt, talk it out,” will be your key to success then. If you have an important topic to broach November 3 is particularly hopeful as Mercury aligns with lucky Fixed Star Spica. Heightened communication and new levels of togetherness can be established until November 11.

Career and Life Direction

The crown of your solar horoscope, known as the 10th house of career, reputation, fame, honours and recognition is one of the most active and dynamic this year. Profound change that promotes transformation is possible as the longer trend of Saturn in Capricorn winds up on March 22.
Since December 2017, you may have
reached a new pinnacle in your career, clarified your professional direction or gained a new level of honesty about what you really want out of life. Saturn’s journey highlighted the longer trend of Pluto in Capricorn, that began in 2008.
January 22 sees their exceptionally rare and potent meeting. Together,
these two planetary heavyweights may bring a crescendo of events that have been building for over a decade.
You may finally feel ready to sever ties with work that has weighed you down or no longer stokes your inner fire. As Saturn and Pluto join forces, you may undergo a process of professional pruning, where scaling back now, can set you up for new growth down the track.
Stepping away from a longer-term role is possible, especially if materialistic motivations no longer drive you. Getting crystal clear about your current position and whether that aligns with your professional dreams can inspire honest choices.
 You might opt
for a redundancy, enter retirement or choose a pathway that allows for more freedom and increased opportunities to grow and develop professionally.

New buds of potential may begin to blossom under generous Jupiter’s benevolent once in every 12- year influence in your career zone until December 20. Combined, Jupiter and Pluto are linked to wealth, money, abundance and living in accordance with your truth. Letting of demands or a sense of professional duty may invite new levels of career freedom, combined with stability. Jupiter and Pluto will join forces in April, June and November.
Dates for your diary where Jupiter’s favourable influence can benefit you are
March 28, May 18, September 10 and October 19.

Happiness and Children

Your sector of happiness, children and creativity, known as the 5th house, will be activated by the annual cycles of the Sun and Mercury. When the radiant Sun enters Leo from July 22 – August 23, you’ll be encouraged to enjoy some of the simplest pleasures that life has to offer.
a personal passion is possible when the Sun and Mars join forces on August 15. You’ll be ready to push forward with a hobby or interest that both energises and sparks you joy. Some of your most romantic moments can be had when Venus enters Leo on September 6. This heart-opening cosmic influence can assist you in sharing joy with those you love or bring happy developments involving children.
A dynamic
link between Venus and unpredictable Uranus on September 15 can help you bust out of stagnant love habits. A spur of the moment choice to enjoy 5-star experience will be well-worth it, even if that means a budget blow-out. If you’re single, a random encounter might be exciting, but it may be helpful to not rush in too soon.

Adventure and Discovery

Your 9th house covers a variety of areas such as teaching, studying, writing, publishing, philosophy, faith as well as global connections. As these eclipses light up this area of your life, opportunities to broaden your horizons and awaken your spirit of adventure may beckon.
Instead of your regular type of holiday destination, you might be
pulled toward spiritual pilgrimages or places that reflect your changing perspectives on life. Locations that enhance your academic or educational endeavours are also highlighted.
The eclipse dates for your diary are June 6, December 1 and 15.
Restlessness may peak as Mars activates your 9th house for the first time in 2 years. From January 3 – February 17, you might find the courage to book that travel adventure you’ve always wanted.  A link from Neptune on January 27 may pull you towards experiences that is mystical, magical or unusual.

Friends, Networks and Groups

Your friendships, social circles, community groups and professional networks are undergoing a cosmic reality check thanks to Saturn in Aquarius. You’ll get a preview of some of the shifts you’ll experience over the next three years from March 22 – July 2.
You may be ready to step up into a position of leadership or gradually come to the realisation that you have a greater capacity to contribute than you think. Saturn supports long-lasting connections. Friendships that have stood the test of time may continue to deepen and nourish you.
Maturity can help you a
ppreciate the wide and varied perspectives of those you hold dear. Solid alliances can be strengthened through mutual respect of each other’s ideals and individuality. Under this once in every 30- year influence, you may come to realise that you’ve outgrown connections that no longer feel authentic or don’t align with your evolving self.
You might be keen to explore new friendships with
interesting and unique people that reflect some of your own changing ideals and perspectives. March 31 is highlighted as Mars and Saturn fuse. You might accept a new responsibility or take the lead in a community or networking situation. Events that take place then may underline what the Saturn in Aquarius cycle means for you.

Personal Growth and Self Development

Your personal priorities will be at the top of your list as Mars, your sovereign star moves through your sign for the first time in 2 years.
Mars will be in Aries for an usually long time, from June 28 – January 7 2021. For over 6 months, you’ll be blessed with extra confidence, courage, passion and determination. If you’ve been wanting to develop a personal passion or work on your health and fitness, Mars on side can help you make it happen.
Mars in Aries can help you assert yourself and rise up to whatever challenges lay before you. These challenges may present once Mars moves backwards from September 11 – November 13.
This rare retrograde cycle will invite you to pause, reflect and
review the plans you’ve made since late June. Delays in progress will frustrate you, but are a necessary part of your self-development. Let any tension that rises within you be your clue that you may need to consider another direction. Once Mars picks up the pace from mid- November through until the New Year, you’ll notice that your actions may encounter minimal resistance. You’ll be recharged and fired up to tackle any challenge head on.

Time Out and Spirituality

Regular periods of rest and retreat may be necessary, especially while your 12th sector becomes active from January 14 – April 11.
might long for more time alone or need to take a break from your regular routines and responsibilities.
Short breaks or weekend getaways can help keep you fresh and inspired, particularly as other areas of life demand so much of your energy and attention. Schedule some recreation or holidays on the following dates. If that’s not possible aim to increase meditation or other reflective practices then. January 27, February 18 – March 4, March 9, March 16 – April 11, April 4.

Birthdays and Planets

If your birthdate is listed below – not all will be – you have a special plane influencing you in 2020. Here’s what’s ahead and how to harness the planet power for your own growth.

If your birthday falls between March 21 -23 will have buoyant Jupiter generating a hopeful sextile. You’re cosmically encouraged to stretch your ideas around what you think is possible in terms of personal growth and development. A lucky break may seed a longer cycle of success.

If you’re born between April 11 and 20, serious Saturn will encourage you to set healthy boundaries, especially around your personal and professional responsibilities. You might want to embrace new obligations or make the mature realisation that you’re ready to let them go.

If your birthday falls between April 12 – 14 powerful Pluto will prompt a deep dive into the core of your being. You might not be as active or as outgoing as usual as you opt for inner reflection and awareness. A confronting situation may highlight themes of power and empowerment. Transformation is promised as you push through tricky times.

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