There are two options with children’s charts

New Born’s and Young Children

For your new addition, I recommend a report I personally write. Using the symbolism of the planets, I can help you understand the needs of your little one.
I’ll introduce you to the planets that make up your baby’s personality that has yet to be revealed to you. You’ll learn more about their innate temperament, what nurtures them best and what they need to feel confident, secure and supported.
The birth chart offers insight, guidance and reassurance for families who wish to know and understand their child better.

This report is emailed in a PDF and makes a unique and special gift for parents.

*Please note that this report does not include predictions.


Older Children

This is ideal for parents or carers that need extra help supporting a child through periods of development or change. This may be due to a change in family dynamics, educational or social issues.

A consultation for your child can reveal or remind you of their own unique spirit. We’ll explore their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their challenges and potential, and most importantly, how you can support them. 

This is a consultation via the Zoom platform. The MP3 and video file is sent shortly after your consultation.

$100AUD for 45 minutes

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