Know yourself better through the eyes of the cosmos

The premise of astrology is that a person that is born in a moment in time will inherit the qualities of that moment according, to the ethos ‘as above, so below.’ The birth chart is a symbolic diagram of the planetary configuration at your time, date and place of birth.

Using this symbolism- the planets, the houses and the aspects they make to each other, I combine ancient techniques with modern day interpretations.  Together, we will unravel the magic, mystery and potential of your birth charty story. With that in mind, you’ll get increased benefit from your consultation if you approach it as a conversation between us. 

In a birth chart consultation we will cover some of the following, depending upon what you’re most curious about;

  • your strengths and gifts, as well as weaknesses or challenges
  • your potential and what might be may be holding you back from realising it
  • relationships and love
  • career and money
  • health and wellness
  • family dynamics
  • life direction or sense of purpose

I’ll discuss with you your three most important chart components- your Sun, Moon and Ascendant, and we’ll uncover your strongest planet and how you can harness its power in your life. Depending on your chart and other influencing factors, we’ll look at Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn too.

By the end of our discussion you will gain wisdom, clarity and benefit. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the life you’re living. It helps prior to your consultation to let me know of questions, problems, patterns or areas of life you’d like to explore.

To find out more about my approach to astrology and how it can pave the way to revealing your authentic self, then you may enjoy this article, or a little of my own story. 

Consultations are conducted online via the Zoom platform. Our session is recorded so it can be emailed to you to download and keep.

Your Birth Chart consultation is 90 minutes: $266AUD

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