Beginners Astrology Workshop- This Saturday!

Would you like to know how astrology works?

Are you:
–Wondering about the sky, the stars and the planets and how they affect you?
–Fascinated by astrology and keen to learn more than your horoscope?
–Confused about planets, houses and aspects and would like it explained in simple language?
–Looking to learn more by connecting with a teacher?
If so, this workshop is for you!

Here is what one of my current students has said:

“As you already know I have been to a LOT of workshops over the last 4-5 years but none that have started at the beginning so while I can understand a lot of the terms used eg Houses Planets and Signs I never could grasp the full concept until I attended yours.”

Topics include:

–What is a birth chart and how does it work?
–The 12 zodiac signs, their elements, and modalities
–The nature of the planets
–The 12 houses (areas of life in which planetary action plays out)

What you will discover:
–How each of the 12 signs governs an area of your life such as finances, relationship and career, and how you are so much more than just your ‘star sign.’
–Your most potent planet, or, your life ‘driver.’
–How this planet will reveal where your life direction lies, as well as your health, vitality and your personality.
–Basic interpretation techniques that will equip you to embark upon your astrological journey.

This workshop is designed to open up the gateway to further learning with practical tips, handouts, and further reading. You will also get a copy of your birth chart to refer to as your knowledge grows.

You can book your place here

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