August Overview + Inspired Practicality

Welcome to August, where the element of Earth is featured, promising clarity, progress and productivity.
The month will end how it begins being bookmarked by two Full Moons.

The first Full Moon falls at 9 degrees Aquarius on August 1 or 2, depending on your time zone. Opposing the Sun and Venus retrograde in Leo, the Moon will shine light towards the path less travelled. Aquarius, while rigid in its ideas, thrives on innovation and newness. Whatever the current status quo is in your life that you’ve been reassessing – it may be time to change it!

Mercury remains in Virgo all month, inclusive of a retrograde phase from August 23 – September 15. Mercury retrograde in his most favoured sign will be especially potent. Missed or overlooked details may be more frustrating than normal as Mercury in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces throughout his two-month visit. You may feel pressure regarding deadlines, timelines and expectations. Solutions and helpful outcomes are also possible as Mercury trines Jupiter in Taurus, which may offset limitations or confusion.

Venus spends the entirety of August retrograde in Leo, reaching the halfway point of her retrograde cycle on August 13. This is a pivotal turning point. Not only is she reanimated and renewed by the Sun in Leo, Venus also trades places with the Sun and embarks upon her journey towards the eastern horizon. You too may experience a sense of renewal in an area of life, namely, the Leo house of your birth chart. You might reach a decision, even if you aren’t yet ready to verbalise or reveal it or are still unsure of what the outcome will be exactly.

A New Moon in Leo on August 16 brings boldness and courage. With Venus retrograde in the mix, you may be inspired to make a bold move with some of the changes you’ve been contemplating. With a square to Uranus in Taurus you may be pushing for progress. This lunation, just after Venus conjoined the Sun brings an “I’m coming, ready or not” energy to it. Whatever you’ve been grappling with under Venus retrograde, bright new beginnings are possible provided you’re willing to do something new, fresh or different and totally right-for-you!

Action planet Mars moves into Libra August 27 – October 13, bringing energy and enthusiasm to a new area of your birth chart. Generally, Mars in Libra brings action and motivation into social and aesthetic endeavours and can spice up relationships. However, as Mars spends its first week in Libra, he will be guided by Venus retrograde. While things do begin to look better come September, the co-presence of the South Node, also in Libra, is set to change the rules of engagement when it comes to diplomacy and fairness in all kinds of relationships.

The month closes with a second Full Moon at 7 Pisces. Both soulful and serious, thanks to falling close to Saturn, you might opt for time alone to figure out your feelings. Seemingly not much has changed this month, while at the same time, so much has. Full Moons bring turning points and the need to make a choice about something. You may need to figure out your obligations and responsibilities and whether they still sit right with you. What do you need to commit to while at the same time, what are you ready to let go of as Winter becomes Spring and Summer becomes Autumn? – depending on which side of the globe you reside.

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