August Highlights

Despite being a new month, the first week of August is a bit like July’s hangover. As the Sun and Mercury push through Leo, they activate the opposition to Saturn and the square from Uranus.
Here are a few of my top aspects for the month of August.

Sun opposite Saturn – 10 Leo / Aquarius
August 1 / 2

As the brightest light in the solar system faces off with the dark heaviness of Saturn, you may have felt the constrains of responsibility, restriction or limitation.
In Brisbane, where I live, a three – day lockdown was announced with just a few hours’ notice. Yesterday, as the aspect between the Sun and Saturn perfected that lockdown got extended for another week.

Thus, this pairing in the signs of Leo / Aquarius respectively, highlight the tension of opposites – the individual and the collective. This to-ing and fro-ing between how you’d like things to be versus what they are may help you realise the need to renegotiate a plan or commitment. Saturn’s severe and sobering qualities can help you see things as they are, helping you move forward with a new course of action.

The Sun’s warming influence supports you in being seen for who you are and expressing a more authentic version of yourself. Its life affirming qualities support you in tapping into your own light, radiating it toward others.
If in a certain area of your life it feels as though you’ve lost your light, Saturn supports you in getting back on track. As this aspect happens just once a year, a review of the Leo / Aquarius axis in your solar chart may help you in making a necessary course correction. The work you do today will be something your future self may thank you for.

Mercury opposite Jupiter – 28 Leo / Aquarius
August 10 / 11

As Mercury picks up speed after last week’s conjunction with the Sun, it forms and opposition to Jupiter, newly returned to Aquarius.
This may remind you of a forgotten data point or dream from around early May. The contradiction between these two planets can show up as details versus the big picture vision. You’re invited to stretch your mind and get curious about the ways in which you think. Challenging your own thoughts, ideas and beliefs may help bring balance to a current perspective. You may discover that something you believe in no longer holds the same value it once did, especially as details and data change.

Across the fixed signs of Leo / Aquarius, be mindful of rigid opinions, exaggeration or overconfidence. However, if you got back on track under Sun / Saturn from earlier in the month, the Mercury / Jupiter opposition can encourage you to think outside the square as you reach for an optimistic or hopeful solution to a problem.

Mercury conjunct Mars – 12 Virgo
August 18 / 19

Quick and rapid thinking is possible when thinking planet Mercury fuses with active Mars. This is a supreme alignment for strategic planning. In Virgo, Mercury finds itself in its home and exaltation, supporting logic, reason, facts and data. Mars can help Mercury by slicing and dicing its way through information overload or analysis paralysis – of which planets in Virgo can be prone to. As you cut away the superficial or frivolous, you may be able to come to a decisive choice that won’t require excess analysis. You may come to the realisation that you can do more with less. Tough but necessary conversations are likely under this planetary pairing.

Mercury conjunct Mars may remind you that making a quick decision can often be better for progress than deliberating for too long. Even if you haven’t done your due diligence, taking action is the first step toward generating momentum – something that cannot be done if you remain stationary.

Full Moon 29 Aquarius
August 22

You might gain a sense of confidence or closure around the possibilities that began under the first Aquarius Full Moon in July. As this lunation happens on the last degree, and very close to Jupiter, you may feel ready to take a leap of faith toward expressing yourself more authentically. The risk may be worth the reward, especially in a key relationship as Venus and Saturn form an agreeable and supportive alliance. New commitments are possible as you both agree upon the best path to take as you move forward. A Mars/Uranus link may bring the exciting plot twist you’ve been waiting for.

Venus trine Saturn – 8 Libra / Saturn
August 23

Under the most fortunate of alignments, two planets that generally don’t work together have the capacity to form new agreements. With both planets at home in their own signs (plus Saturn exalted in Libra) making longer-term and supportive agreements are possible.

Working together under a common goal can bring stability, harmony and real results to all types of relationships. Existing partnerships can benefit by dealing with issues and problems with a mature and future-focused approach. However, if a connection has been plagued by cracks, this aspect may also bring awareness the conscious closure is the best way forward.

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