Astrology- Your Personal GPS System

As a form of divination, astrology differs from other psychic sciences. One of the ways I like to describe the astrological birth chart is that it’s a snapshot of the heavens at your moment of birth. The birth chart is like your life compass or your own personal GPS system.

Within the configurations of planets in signs and houses and the relationship they form to each other, known as aspects, you’ll discover insight and perspective about yourself.

The birth chart can reveal,

– Your inner strengths and gifts
– Dormant talents you may forgot you had
– Attributes that may be holding you back from abundance- in all of its forms
– An understanding of why you do things the way you do
– Obstacles or blockages preventing you from moving forward

Through the help of an astrologer, you can begin to understand the co-ordinates in built into your own GPS system. You’ll gain perspectives on why you head in certain directions. For example, if you keep heading south, your birth chart can help guide you toward your true north.

Different Ways of Looking at Time

Astrology adopts different timing tools. Some of these are symbolic time while others, like transits are in real time. Symbolic timing includes progressions, profections, firdaria and different ‘time lord’ systems. Imagine these as your mobile phone or cell installing new updates. Once you’ve reached a point in your life where you feel you can’t continue to do what you’ve always done, it’s like you too, have installed new software. Like when our own computers or phones install new software, it takes a little time to get used to a new interface!

Why Now?

As the planets are always in motion, known as transits, they describe different timing cycles. This is one of the ways we can describe why something came to pass (or not), when it did. If your own chart has Venus at 14 Gemini or the Moon at 21 Aries, a planet will transit that point in the sky and trigger or charge that planet in your own chart.

Some of these timing cycles hit us individually as described by the birth chart, whereas some cycles occur at different stages of life for each of us. Heard of the Saturn return? The 27 club? The 7- year itch? The mid-life crisis? Yep, astrology outlines all of these cycles!

These cycles encourage us to do different things and experience different things at different stages of life. Perhaps you’ve experienced a few losses but you’re now busting at the seams to try something new. You may be in a progressed New Moon phase or experiencing a Jupiter return.


Other planets ask you to put your nose to the grindstone and seemingly ask more and more of you. Saturn is the planet that rewards hard work over time. You may be at the point of wanting to give up on a long- held goal. Saturn may be asking you to keep going just a little while longer. Perhaps you’ve entered a progressed lunar cycle known as the Gibbous Phase!

Some planets want you to release all that you’ve worked hard for. This may be a business, a relationship or a creation you call your own. Perhaps your soul is tired and no matter how much sleep you get, you still wake up tired. Neptune or the Balsamic Moon could be in play here.

A Pluto activation may trigger deep probing into some of your own issues. You may seek counselling or therapy at this time. Going underground is a hallmark of this planetary cycle so you may not be your usual self while Pluto is in play.

Following Your Own GPS Signal

This is where astrology comes to life and helps you connect with your own GPS system. If you don’t know which planets are in play in your life right now, you could be heading in the wrong direction.

The ‘crisis’ you feel may be due to pushing against the flow rather than going with it. If you are in a cycle of growth and opportunity, but you’re resting on your laurels of past progress, then you may miss a very abundant cycle. The reverse is also true. If you’re undergoing a rest and retreat phase, pushing ahead in an important venture may not yield the result you’re after.

While horoscopes are both fun and informative, they give an insightful, yet limited perspective. Planetary cycles are so unique that a consultation with an experienced astrologer can highlight which cycles are triggered and how to make the most of them.

I get so much joy from clients contacting me down the track telling me that what I said would happen, did. To me, that is the GPS saying, “you have reached your destination.”

If you’d like insight into your own personal GPS system, you may consider booking in for a natal chart reading.
Perhaps you’ve had a consult with me before and would like to check in on the cycles of the next 12 months. Then an annual update is the best service for you.

Would you like to learn more about your own cycles or how to navigate the terrain of your friends or family? My beginners workshop on Saturday is ideal for anyone curious about astrology!

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