Astro Weather Week Beginning October 8 – 14

Venus, the planet of love, beauty and relationship is now retrograde. Just when you thought the madness was over, we’ve got a deep review of our deepest desires and wants. Overall, Venus signifies the way we relate and connect with each other and the things that value and please us. However, in your own birth chart, she might signify your health and well-being, your career or perhaps your home and family.
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Monday October 8
Mars 9 degrees Aquarius

I think it may almost be safe to say that this is the day we’ve been waiting over 3 months for. Finally, Mars moves back to 9 degrees of Aquarius, where he began his retrograde phase back on June 26. Being an air sign, Mars has been doing A LOT of thinking since he entered Aquarius back in May. You may come to resolve an issue that’s been on your mind since then.
Overall, Mars LOVES action and movement and the area of your chart that holds 9 Aquarius is your clue to where things may finally begin to pick up speed.

Tuesday October 9
New Moon 16 Libra

Brisbane: 1:46pm
London: 4:46am
New York: October 9, 11:46pm
A New Moon in Libra is generally a peaceful and serene lunation, but not quite so this year. At 16 Libra, the Moon makes a tense link to Pluto, where uncovering a truth or confronting an issue that Libra generally likes to gloss over is possible.
Venus, the ruler of this New Moon is traveling backward through the deep and murky waters of Scorpio, encouraging you to be honest with what your true desires are.
This intense and contemplative energy can encourage you to explore what lies beneath your motivations in relationships of all kinds. What you discover may not be particularly pleasant to face, but this celestial energy doesn’t want a band-aid solution.  Acknowledging the venom inside you can act like the anti-venom that paves the way for forming deeper intimacy and stronger bonds with those you love the most.

Wednesday October 10
Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus

Venus and Jupiter, already in Scorpio are joined by Mercury, who’ll immediately face off with Uranus in Taurus. When Mercury and Uranus connect, it can bring a light bulb moment, a flash of insight the ability to see something from a fresh perspective. It will be helpful to keep an open mind as changes in ideas, opinions or plans are likely.

Thursday October 11
Mercury square the North and South Node

After yesterday’s brilliant insights, as Mercury squares the Moon’s lunar nodes today, you’ll have a choice between playing it safe or moving toward a place of (initial) discomfort and growth. Thoughts may drift back to the past that can help you unravel the way forward.

Venus retrograde square Mars
When planetary lovers do battle in the heavens, it can create tension in relationships. Mars is now recovered from his retrograde and ready to move ahead, but Venus needs to cover old ground before she can heal and move on. Adjustments will be required and if things get too heated, stepping back into your corner for a bit can help.
Venus and Mars under pressure can also create the right type of friction for passion. Getting out of your head and into the ‘feels’ of the moment can help you reconnect at a deeper, soulful level.

Friday October 12
Mercury sextile Saturn

This is a wonderful link for attending to any details, unfinished planning or logistics. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. You may be surprised by how much paperwork, planning or organising you can get done under this aspect. Thinking about the future and formulating a plan to reach your long- term goals is supported.

Sun square Pluto

Truth, trust and loyalty feature once again. With the Sun and Pluto featured, getting to the heart of the matter will be highlighted. This strong and intense link may cause you to face the core of who you are and if that aligns with the powers or influences around you.
Overcoming fears and moving mountains is possible, especially if you team up with someone you can trust.

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