Astro Weather March 7-13

The main astro feature of the week is the Solar (New Moon) eclipse in Pisces. If you missed my post about it, you can read it here.

The Moon slipped into Pisces, just after 5am this morning. The Balsamic or Waning Crescent phase is ideal for completion of tasks rather than embarking upon the new. Your personal energy may be low as the Balsamic Moon signifies rest, release and surrender.

Sun Opposite Jupiter

Normally, this aspect would be a larger than life, generous and ridden with opportunity, but alas, Jupiter is awful, just awful right now. In his detriment and retrograde, he’s not in great condition to offer his bounty to the Sun, who is looking to him for guidance as the ruler of Pisces. The buoyancy, optimism and confidence normally associated with Jupiter just simply isn’t there.
As doom and gloom as this may appear, it actually isn’t. If you’ve heard of expressions such as ‘luck happens when hard work meets opportunity’ or ‘prior preparation prevents poor performance’ then you’ll get the cosmic drift.
Jupiter in Virgo calls for streamlining, efficiency, improvement and refinement of knowledge and technical abilities. How can you harvest flowers or fruit when the garden is overgrown with weeds?
The major theme of this week is the eclipse. Where are the weeds in your life preventing you from moving forward or getting bigger or better?
Where do you need to prune the canopy so your flowers and fruit can bloom?

Mercury With Mars and Neptune

Finally tension between the messenger and warrior has eased from the weekend and the dust from any outbursts, arguments or acid tongued conversations has settled.

By Friday Mercury will snuggle up with Neptune. Emerging yourself in anything that doesn’t require logic, analysis or any real mental fortitude is smiled upon now. This aspect indicates kind words, compassionate thoughts or tapping into your intuitive self for answers to those meaning of life type questions. Connecting with the like minded, over a glass of wine, solving the problems of the universe would be a great way to honour Mercury and Neptune on a Friday night!

Venus in Pisces

The weeks end brings Venus into her sign of exaltation. Relationships, money, friendships, beauty, art and pleasure all get a cosmic boost.
In Pisces, Venus seeks soulful connections and hearts that intertwine. When the fog descends over Venus it can be difficult to see clearly. So engrossing is the urge to connect with someone or something else, the loss of oneself can happen before you even realise.
Venus in Pisces is a great time to tap into your creativity, whatever ignites a spark that warms you from the inside out. It is that warmth that radiates to others, offering compassion and deliverance from suffering, that makes Venus in Pisces one of the most generous and tender.
Venus is the sixth heavenly body to dip into Pisces and she’ll be there until April 6.

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