Astro-Weather April 17 + 23

The big astro-news this week is that Venus has now completed her 40-day retrograde phase and has emerged refreshed and renewed, and is now a bright morning star.

A planet coming out of retrograde is similar to finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after a period of being unwell. You’re not ready to run a marathon just yet, but you can begin to feel your overall energy and vigour emerge again.

As Venus is one of the prime planets to do with fertility and growth, her direct phase now will highlight where you’re feeling recovered, renewed and can sense fresh growth emerging. In very late Pisces, this is taking place at the end of the Zodiac. Healing, making peace with the past and showing compassion before moving forward is necessary.

Beauty And The Beast Are Colliding- Again

It’s not all systems a go with Venus just yet as she edges closer to linking with Saturn, for the second time this month. If you would like more detailed info about how Venus and Saturn are working for you this April, you might like this video I recorded on the weekend.

Venus’ first square with Saturn occurred on the 8th, which I wrote about recently. It’s difficult to not mention the planetary pairing of Venus and Saturn and not talk about fear, limitations or lack- especially in love.

Saturn encourages you to do more with less. He’s the principle of quality not quantity. When squaring off with Venus, he asks you to face a truth you’d rather not see, separate the wheat from the chaff and face what isn’t working. This could be in a relationship, a friendship, your spending habits or how you’re spending your greatest resource-time.

When Venus and Saturn make their exact square aspect on the 21st, Venus is approaching it from a different point of view. No longer retrograde or second guessing herself, she is ready to compassionately and lovingly do away with what is no longer serving her.

Saturn asks that you focus on your top priorities this week as what you devote your time and effort toward now, has the potential to be long lasting.

Saturn also demands the truth and you’ll be committed to honouring that truth with a loved one or to yourself.
This week offers a second chance to re-commit. Now that Venus is back on track, Saturn can help create long-lasting and a solid foundation for the future.

How has Venus backward passage effected your world?

Chewing The Cud

Sun In Taurus


The 20th sees the glorious Sun change from his sign of exaltation and into the slow, stable and solid Taurus. While I love the busy-ness and action of the Sun in Aries, and the good fortune it brings me, as the ruler of my 11th house, I am looking forward to slowing down and playing catch-up until May 20. (As I write this, I can see my calendar beside me and have a chuckle at how unlikely the idea of slowing down is!)

As an Earth sign, Taurus invites you to slow down and connect with your physical world. Nourishing your body with wholesome foods or making a massage appointment are all great ways to honour the Sun in Taurus. I plan to spend time in my garden, pruning, re-potting and no doubt, making a few extra plant purchases!

As a fixed sign, Taurus is about endurance. Its solid qualities give the essence of productivity and completion. If you have unfinished tasks to complete around the home or at work, the next four weeks encourage getting things finalised.

Taurus also likes its creature comforts. This is an ideal time to actually enjoy and appreciate what you have around you. Bring out those things that are your ‘special occasion’ items. It may be an expensive perfume, the fancy dinner plates or the outfit you’ve never worn. Dust off that bottle from the top shelf and enjoy the goodness you’ve worked for, for the special occasion is now!

For more info about the Sun in Taurus, you might like this post from 2016.

The Curious Warrior

Mars In Gemini

Mars tours the sign of Gemini from April 21 – June 4. During this period, your curiosity for information may spike.
Courses, weekend workshops, books, blogs, documentaries or catching up on reading will become your focus when the red planet meets the twins.

Mars will heat up your social scene, filling your schedule with events both in person and online. Coffee catch-ups, Skype calls and networking events in general are sure to keep you busy.
Variety is the spice of life with Mars in Gemini, so new experiences and new information of all kinds will keep your curiosity satisfied.

People will be the fuel to your fire during this period where conversations may instigate and inspired course of action. One of the biggest challenges is spreading yourself too thin. Activity doesn’t always equate achievement, so try to be mindful of if you’re busy for busy’s sake or actually moving toward your goals.

As a part of the Venus retrograde cycle, I offered half price readings. This is on offer until the 28th, once Venus leaves Pisces. If you’d like to arrange a booking, send me an email via my contact page. Appointments are available online or in person.

“Taurus” Artwork by Intuitive Artist Michelle Smith

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