Astro Weather 9-15 May… A Sweet Sweet Week!

This week brings a lovely continuation of Venusian themes after Saturday morning’s New Moon. Venus in her home sign of Taurus makes a series of aspects that promise support, progress and change.


Venus sextile Neptune- 11 Taurus/Pisces

As Mary Poppins would say, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…” This aspect can temporarily give you a breather from whatever hardships you’re experiencing or worries that occupy your mind. Although known as a supportive aspect, the sextile still provides a little push toward something better.
Today may feel dreamy or romantic and is favourable for something creative.


Mercury conjunct the Sun- 19 Taurus

To add the the sweetness of the week, Mercury makes his inferior conjunction to the Sun, known as Cazimi- you can read up on the details here.
Today is ideal to send important emails, your resume or anything that you hope will eventuate into something good for you!


Venus trine Jupiter- 13 Taurus/Virgo

By FAR this is the stand out aspect of May, and one which I’m personally looking forward to. Both of these planets are known as benefics, and when the meet under the flowing and supportive trine, good things are possible.
Venus is in great form in Taurus and with Jupiter just into direct motion, some of the generosity and goodness Jupiter is known for will be free-flowing again.
This aspect is good for positive progress regarding big plans and visions. Help, benefit or support can be expected in a real and tangible way.


Venus conjunct Mercury- 16 degrees Taurus

This sweet pairing may potentially take the edge of any Mercury retrograde hiccups. This conjunction of the celestial lover and the messenger will help boost communication within relationships especially. Confronting what you may have been avoiding will go down better than you may think! Be on the lookout for positive feedback, or give credit where it’s due today.


Venus trine Pluto 17 degrees Taurus/Capricorn

A new, deep and profound level of understanding can bring relationships closer under celestial skies today. Depth, honesty and intimacy are promised when the lover meets the dark lord. If you’re partnered on a professional or personal project, you may make leaps forward financially or rub shoulders with the right people to help get you there.

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