Astro Weather 6-12 June + Birthday Comp!

This quiet week begins with a stunning conjunction from the Sun and Venus at 15 degrees Gemini. Being in the superior position, Venus in on the farther side of the Sun. The last time Venus shone her mirror outwards, toward the great black yonder was October 2014 and will occur again in January 2018. She perfects this meeting on the 6th around 9:50am AEST.

In this position, Venus reflects her gifts outward. Rather than attracting, she radiates. Rather than receiving, she gives. Rather than seeking the good stuff life has to offer, she’s looking to donate it.
Venus orbiting beyond the Sun reminds us that the greatest joy in life is the sharing of our innate gifts. By extending beyond ourselves we find what we deeply yearn for, a meaningful connection of the soul, as opposed to filling our space with pretty things.

In Gemini, Venus can reflect some light by means of healing words, a thoughtful message or by connecting with somebody in a heartfelt way.

Continuing from last weeks mutable madness, on Tuesday the Sun will form a T-square to both the North and South Nodes of the Moon at 17 degrees Gemini, Virgo and Pisces respectively. After the events of last week, you may be left wondering, ‘where to from here?’ As we are just 2 short weeks from the Solstice, life beckons a direction change one way or another. Staying in your comfort zone might feel safe and cosy, but boredom and restlessness will soon set in.
If you feel a longing to be somewhere other than you are now, develop a plan that will get you there.

June is my birthday month and to celebrate I’m offering a Natal Chart Consultation to one lucky reader.

If you would like to know more about;

– your strengths and gifts as well as weaknesses or challenges
– your potential as well as what may be holding you back from realising it
– relationships and love
– career and money
– health and wellness
– family dynamics
– life direction

Includes predictions for the next 12 months and VIP dates for your diary, you can enter by;
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2) comment below on what you love most about astrology.

I will announce the winner on June 26 via email.

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