Astro Weather 25 April – May 1

This week will be a quiet week astro-wise with Mercury and Venus being the highlights.

April 27

Confusion, delay and general blunders may permeate the week once Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus. This is a super slow transit in a super slow sign so it’s not ideal to begin new undertakings. Instead, finalise lingering projects and tie up loose ends, especially those involving emails or returning phone calls.
Astronomically, Mercury obits closer to Earth during a retrograde and is actually just an optical illusion. Imagine you’re sitting on a train at the station and another train comes weeshing past and it feels like you’re moving backwards, this is what a retrograde is like.
With a shorter distance from us to Mercury, concentration is increased. In Taurus, your ability to hold information is enhanced so it’s ideal for study or projects that require a lot of time or the recollection of data.

Mercury will back track through Taurus from April 27- May 21. If you have planets or chart factors at 14- 23 degrees of Taurus, the next month will be extra important.
Even if you don’t have any Taurus planets, you will have a house ruled by the bull. If you know your birth chart, find your Taurus house and the themes pertaining to that area of your life will require some re-vising, re-doing or re-planning.

As I mentioned in my last post, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the principle of pleasure. How can your re-work things in your life to experience more joy? What can you do to cut back on the frills and enjoy the most simple pleasures in a practical way?

May 1

Venus enters Taurus today so there will be no escape from what brings you pleasure and joy. They say the simple things in life are often the best, and this is often how Venus in Taurus manifests. The wish to experience ease and comfort as opposed to the hard slog is a hallmark of this transit.

This transit bodes well for grounding and stability and for that which is real and tangible. Romance and physical wellbeing will enjoy some extra sweetness now. Focus on what is real in your world and enjoy a little indulgence along the way.


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