Astro Weather 21- 27 March

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This weeks astro weather brings a plethora of energy to the heavens. Key players this week are Mercury and Venus and with a Lunar Eclipse in the middle of it all, this week may end up very different to how it started.

Venus conjunct Neptune 10 degrees Pisces

Monday delivers a meeting of sweet Venus with even sweeter Neptune, leaving behind a cosmic coma.
Relationships may enjoy a warm and fuzzy tone due to the romantic nature of this pairing. Themes of true caring, sacrifice and unconditional love can seep through the cracks and even melt the hardest hearts.
This aspect is also favourable for creative pursuits with the added dose of inspired guidance via Neptune. Escaping with the arts through film or music will be hard to resist today.
Neptune can be like a pair of rose coloured glasses, leaving you to see only what your eyes want to see, rather than what actually is.
Nonetheless, a bit of indulgence of the romantic or the creatively inspired kind can offer a welcome break from reality!

Mercury in Aries

Mercury is the second planet to leave the Pisces party. Mercury in Aries can be a no nonsense pairing and will bring an injection of clarity and restore mental sharpness after the brain fog of Pisces. The phrase ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’ represents how Mercury operates in the warrior’s sign. There is a pure honestly about the way Mercury in Aries expresses himself.
Heated words and arguments may be tricky to avoid during this transit due to the lack of tact that can be a hallmark of Aries. The filter between brain and tongue may not engage as Aries can make rash decisions or harsh remarks. In Aries, Mercury can fire comebacks during an argument like an automatic rifle. Until April 5, you’re unlikely to walk away from an argument wishing you said what is so clear in hindsight.

Jupiter square Saturn 16 degrees Virgo/Sagittarius

This is the second of three squares between jolly Jupiter and serious Saturn. Their first encounter occurred back in August last year (in Leo and Scorpio respectively) and the third will perfect late May.
Jupiter isn’t so jolly in Virgo and Saturn is limiting the movement and freedom that Sagittarius thrives upon. You may find you have to dig a little deeper to find your optimism or sense of faith this week. Attending to details will limit big picture plans but this is a stitch in time, saves nine type of scenario. In the succeeding months, you may be saying no more often than yes, but this is temporary and necessary and will allow for exponential growth down the track. Limits and blockages can feel frustrating, but an arrow can only propel forward in relation to how far it is drawn back.

Lunar Eclipse in Libra 3 degrees

This prenumberal eclipse highlights a series of eclipses that have been in play since late 2013, highlighting the me vs. we dilemma that is a signature of the Aries/Libra axis.
As the Moon holds her full illumination in opposition to the Sun, finding methods to work collaboratively with others will be highlighted. In Libra, the Full Moon will seek harmony and peace at any cost for she doesn’t cope so well with disdain. With a pocket full of olive branches, you may find yourself apologising even if you’ve done no harm, just to maintain an equilibrium.
With Venus close to Neptune now, compassion and gentleness will add some sweetness to the eclipse.

Mercury conjunct the Sun and Cazimi 3 degrees Aries.

The window of Cazimi occurs from 11pm Wednesday night through til 12:40pm on Thursday. If you’re looking for an advantage in regard to getting your message across, proposing an idea, sending an important email or anything in regard to clear, focussed communication- cazimi is your chance. In the superior position to the Sun, Mercury can act like a lucky charm, assisting you in asserting your desires.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

Venus will link to both Jupiter, then Saturn reminding us of the balance between opportunity and obligation.
Considering that Venus is the ruler of the eclipse from earlier this week, you may be faced with having to choose between saying yes or no and dealing with the me/we consequence that it may generate.
Sunday will bring a supportive link between Venus and Pluto that will encourage truth, honesty and meaningful connection.

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