Astro Weather 14- 20 March

All is quiet in the sky this week after the spectacular display of the Sun and Moon that was the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

A Gemini Moon welcomes the week with a chatty, flirty vibe ripe for socialising and networking. It seems fitting that the majority of this weeks aspects are brought to you by the winged messenger, Mercury.


Mercury Square Saturn

Mercury in Pisces can be dreamy and vague. Under this tense connection, Saturn can bring form to ideas and plans that have otherwise been difficult to define. Big dreams and ideas that feel overwhelming, can be clarified and structured under this pragmatic influence. Prioritising, making lists and staying focused can help reign in distractions.
This aspect may also temporarily dampen your creative inspiration. Even the biggest dreamers need to tend to details from time to time.

Mercury Sextile Pluto

The power of persuasion becomes a major theme under Mercury and Pluto. The obsessive need to get the point across, to communicate honestly and earnestly, even to the point of heated debate may infiltrate conversations, especially on Tuesday.

Keeping secrets has become somewhat a lost art nowadays. Under this supportive aspect, keeping your word or trusting someone else to keep theirs is highlighted. Exploration of secrets, lies or the darker side of the minds thoughts can also be a hallmark of this planetary pairing.

Pluto’s reputation for relentlessness can be of assistance if you’ve fallen under Mercury’s current vague haze. Pluto pulls no punches and has no patience for mincing words or talking in tongues.

Focus is on honesty and integrity. Words can hurt or they can heal. Choose them carefully.

Mercury Opposite Jupiter

Mercury in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo are generally not considered to be very beneficial placements. Not saying they are bad, just that in certain signs, planets are hindered or challenged to act in accordance with their most pure nature.
In this case, each planet is in the other planets sign- so Mercury is in Jupiter’s sign and vice versa. The astrological term for this is reception. Due to these to planets making an aspect to each other (opposition), they get an extra point for being in ‘mutual reception.’
Here, the planets can help each other out. Mercury has the goods that can help Jupiter and Jupiter has the resources that Mercury can operate well with.
In ancient times, a configuration like this would have been described as ‘Messages from Kings.’
Today, you may receive some good news, or a positive piece of information from someone who is in a position of power or abundance, may be of great benefit to you.

Venus Square Mars

The early side of the week delivers an uncomfortable square between lovers, Mars and Venus. This can bring about a tense friction, like a rubber band about to snap. You may need to consider where you have been too passive or laid back, or perhaps where you have been too aggressive or competitive. The harmony you seek is found when you ask for what it is you want. Emotions may reach a tipping point, but once the air is clear, stiving for equilibrium between the feminine and the masculine will be much easier.


Mercury Conjunct the South Node

Mercury’s meeting with the South Node of the Moon may bring back memories of old. A walk down memory lane may reconnect you with old friends, connections and even ideas. Attached to the South Node is the concept that it tends to sap the vitality from the planet it touches. Revisiting the past can bring back fondness and nostalgia, but unless it’s attached to your future in some way, it may be best to keep things in the past.
On a practical level, Mercury and the South Node can be an ideal time to clean up your in box or even cull your Face book friends list.


Jupiter Square Saturn

The principles of growth and contraction grind against each other by weeks’ end. With Jupiter’s growth measured in Virgo, in combination with Saturn putting the breaks on in Sagittarius, the wheels may be turning painfully slow.
It may sound cliche but sometimes it is about the journey and not the destination. Sometimes, you don’t have to do things perfectly and near enough is good enough. Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta to do to keep momentum going, the wheels turning, especially for what is important to you.

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