Aries Solar Eclipse – one door closes, another door opens

This is a phrase my mother used to say a lot. And while for the most part, I think she’s right, though not entirely.

After just shy of twenty years studying astrology and watching the cycles of the stars play out in people’s lives, I do see doors close and open. Just not always in that order.

Sometimes a door opens before the other one has shut. You might meet someone you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with before you’ve finally ended the one you’re already in. Ideally, you’d secure a new job before you give notice of your resignation in a current role. In most situations, it’s better to have sold your current home before you buy another.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, it’s better and cleaner to begin something new on a fresh clean slate.

Enter Eclipses.

Anyone who observes astrology, or even the seasons for that matter would be aware that time is circular, rather than linear. Historically, some cultures only observed two seasons – Summer and Winter. Spring and Autumn therefore became these liminal times in nature where doors were closing and opening simultaneously.

Astrologers often talk about how eclipses are disruptions to the regular lunar cycle. While on the one hand I do subscribe to this idea, I’m also aware that in order for an eclipse to happen, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth have to be on the same plane, in all but perfect alignment. I think this is one of the reasons that eclipses feel so disruptive, is because in fact, the energetic line between worlds, between doors closing and opening, is so apparent.

When talking about eclipses with clients, I often describe them as a feeling of an invisible hand on your back, guiding you forward. It doesn’t feel logical, but somehow feels fated in some way. That space between the closure of a door and the opening of a new one.

The total solar eclipse at 29 Aries on April 20 is likely to feel like this. Falling on the anaretic degree, also known as a degree of fate or the killing degree, suggests that this eclipse could signify something about closure, completion or something fated in an inevitable kind of way.

Ultimately, this is a New Moon on the North Node, which generally speaks to openings, new beginnings and possibilities. In the sign of Aries, something has to be initiated before you can even begin to contemplate an end result. With the North Node at 4 Taurus, this eclipse straddles the former eclipse cycle with the new.

If you were like me, and dusted off the top shelf for the launch of Seven Kings Must Die last week on Netflix, you’ll be able to see the eclipse symbolism here… in order for Athelstan to unify England, seven kings had to die.
For England to launch forward as a true empire, a war (Aries) had to be waged in order to dismantle existing kingdoms and the land rights (Taurus) of those Kings. Kinda sounds a bit like what’s happening globally now, doesn’t it? Might save that topic for another time though!
In the final scene, Uhtred straddled worlds – between the doors of his current life and the doors of the Great Hall of Valhalla.
Like Uhtred, eclipse might trigger a painful or emotional choice, but one way or another, can’t be avoided.

The eclipse ruler is Mars in Cancer, a sign placement Mars would prefer to not occupy. Irritable, emotionally reactive but also fiercely protective. Mars has a fluctuating and inconsistent quality when it looks to the Moon for guidance, which can make it difficult to work to a plan or schedule or honour your existing routines and rhythms.
Under the eclipse, you may find yourself increasingly frustrated with a particular area of your life especially if it’s not moving forward at the pace you’d prefer. Perhaps you are just so done with something. Often times, it’s not until you get so uncomfortable in a certain situation, that you finally do something about it. You could be ready to sever ties with an emotional or triggering person or situation either now, or from your past. Memories, family and your history are also backlighted by this eclipse.

Due to the Moon blocking the light of the Sun in a solar eclipse, you’re more likely to be guided by your emotions, feelings and reactions during this time. That said, while things may not make logical sense, they’ll likely feel right.

Eclipses always bring a wild card energy and are renowned for being difficult to predict. As this is the opening eclipse of a new two – year cycle, the Aries solar eclipse will activate a particular house in your birth chart. This will show you where you may seek more independence, autonomy and the space you desire to do your own thing. With the ruler Mars in Cancer activating another house in your chart might tell you what emotions or memories from the past that need reshaping or a new narrative in order for you to move forward and open a new door.

I’d love to hear about your eclipse experience. Which houses play out for you?

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  1. Being a pisces who would love to sell my art, I feel this eclipse is telling me the universe is fed up with me wanting to sell, and not getting out to galleries etc etc and trying a bit harder.

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