Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon
The first New Moon of the astrological New Year is upon us in just a couple hours. For astrologers, this is our New Year’s Eve, and in true NYE fashion, I was up all night! No, I wasn’t partying but dealing with my little man who refused to sleep until after the Sun came up! 

Since the last lunation on March 13, things have felt a little heavier than usual. As the Full Moon was in Virgo, it ruled by Mercury who was in square to Saturn at the time. This certainly gave more weight to our thinking and communicating processes as decisions made over the last two weeks were likely to have long term outcomes or consequences.
Coupled with Venus’ current retrograde though Aries, I’ve noticed there is a lot of questioning and self doubt in general in my client sessions and in conversations I’ve had. Perhaps you’ve noticed this in the Aries ruled area of your birth chart?
I’ve certainly taken a metaphorical step back and pondered some questions. I gave myself an evaluation report! I had to get honest about what was working and what wasn’t. Although this did feel a little uncomfortable as well as frustrating, I feel that the New Moon in Aries will help bring back bold and confident action.
Have you had to slow down and work out what you value about certain things? What’s the worth of certain action or undertakings? 
This process reminded me of a fortune cookie I got at a work Christmas party I got many, many moon’s ago…”The quicker you fall behind, the longer you have to catch up.”

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