April Astrology – sudden opportunities and turning points

April of 2024 is without question, the most action – packed month of the year. As new pathways open up, dramatic and exciting course corrections become possible.

The month begins with Mercury stationing retrograde at 27 Aries, winding up on the 26th at 15 degrees Aries.
While Mercury retrograde is set to bring the regular variety of delays, setbacks and snafus, he will station direct conjunct the North Node. Thus, whatever has been stuck in a cosmic traffic jam will resume to free flowing and fast paced movement. Mercury in Aries is the epitome of “act first, think later.” Even though there may be some logistical or paperwork delays in April, once Mercury is back on track, do trust in the choices, ideas and flashes of insight that arrive. There are occasions in life where the less you think about something and the more you act on instinct, the more likely you’ll make a decision that’s right for you.

A Solar Eclipse in Aries happens on the 8th / 9th depending on your time zone. A solar eclipse connected to the North Node is a kind of New Moon on steroids. As is the case with an eclipse, something that’s seen, becomes temporarily unseen, to then be seen again.
This is the function of Nodes and eclipses. The Nodes churn up areas of life for eighteen months, described by the houses. The eclipses bring punctuated points or shifting dynamics in the plotline every six months. With Mercury retrograde close to this eclipse, the details will unclear or obscured. To me, this eclipse reminds me of the adage Sir Richard Branson adopted very early in his career when faced with a new opportunity but didn’t know how to move forward – “screw it, let’s do it.”
Meaning, you don’t always need to have all the details, everything figured out and the pathway clear in order to take action.

In of their nature, eclipses are considered malefic. That said, unless you’re a King or Queen, political leader or someone in the public eye or of considerable rank within your own circles, eclipses are actually quite exciting. They have a way of moving life swiftly along, bringing future events into the present.

Another feature of April is Mars, the ruler of the solar eclipse, conjoins Saturn in Pisces for the first time in two years on April 11. Together, these two planets symbolise frustration and delays. Mars is the accelerator and Saturn is the brake pedal. A combination of short and longer-term goals can be decided then, though it may take a while to gain momentum.

One of the most anticipated astrological events happens April 18, the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 21 Taurus. Happening only once every fourteen years, on average, this conjunction promises to get an area of life unstuck. Exciting and expansive opportunities may arrive all of a sudden. You may have to embrace an innovative or out of character approach. This pairing promises the chance to explore new perspectives regarding wisdom, truth and authenticity.

When I think about astrological symbols and how to describe them, I often hear music in my mind. To me, April feels like – and if you’re of my vintage, you’ll know what I’m talking about – “despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage.”
While there is plenty to be angry about and much of it is indeed unfair, neither you, nor I, are rats. As March turns to April, consider where in life you’ve felt caged in for too long. Sure, it may have been comfortable and what was needed for a period of time, but it’s time to scurry along. Otherwise, you may miss the trap doors with digital locks being sprung up all around us.

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