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 Hi, I’m Cassandra… and thanks for stopping by.

Here at what I refer to as “cass.com” you’ll find the HQ of my life, my passion for, and work with astrology. 

I’m an astrological consultant who finds immense joy in helping people like you unravel who you are and where you’re going through this mystical and magical thing called astrology.

I’m a teacher, and through my online teaching platform and my monthly Golden Circle Club, you’ll join thousands of others who learn how to empower themselves to lead a divinely inspired life.

A part of my practice involves travelling both locally and internationally, delivering classes and workshops and offering consultations. I’ve had the honour of teaching at some of the world’s most esteemed astrology conferences such UAC, NORWAC and ISAR. 

I also write about astrology – a lot. I offer horoscopes for free here on my website, as well as blog posts on a regular basis. My work is published by multi-media companies online and in print all over the globe.

All of this blossomed from a seed I had unknowingly planted many moons ago when I took my first astrology class, back in the very early 2000’s. I had been fascinated by anything left of center and all things intuitive as a kid growing up within the perceived limitations of my Catholic upbringing. My first entrée into anything magical, spiritual or divinatory was when my fascination for rosary beads shifted to runes and then to astrology.

Recently, I was asked if I was a weird kid. I did have a hard time feeling like I fit in. Everyone else seemed so normal and I just didn’t know how to connect to that. Finding and owning my own inner weirdness was the hard part.”

In one of my first astrology classes, my teacher identified a tight trine between the Sun and Uranus in my birth chart.  I didn’t know what that meant, but as she extrapolated the meaning, something clicked inside my soul. I felt like I knew who I was.

No matter how much I attempted to fit in during my younger years, I knew deep inside myself I was never meant to do something ‘normal’ or ‘regular’ with my life.

For the first time, I felt like I’d been granted permission to do what I felt all along, rather than what I ‘should’ do, or what other people wanted from me. My life was forever changed.

It was in that moment, one Sydney afternoon in class, I was certain there was something to this fascinating thing called astrology. From that moment onwards, anything or anyone that attempted to hold me back, didn’t last in my life for very long.

So I quit my job, left a long-term relationship and found somewhere else to live. I worked part time as a beauty and massage therapist while I grew my astrology practice.

Life continued to take its twists and turns as a result of the choices I was making. There were times where the lure of ‘normality’ seemed like the easy thing to do and I got sucked in. Again, these masks I wore pretending to feel normal didn’t last long.

Just after my son’s 2nd birthday, again, I left another long-term relationship and found somewhere else to live. With higher stakes now, I made a promise to myself and to my son to never lose my authenticity, my soul, or my spirit in an attempt to find ‘normality’ again. I had the most divine little human in my world and the responsibility to demonstrate the power, wisdom and insight of not only listening to your inner voice, but to also follow it.


It took those bumps in the road which lead to unplanned detours that led me to where I am today. No doubt, if I didn’t have astrology in my life, I would have conformed to the choices of others, the demands of ‘normality’ all the while, feeling like I was living someone else’s life, a fake life.

Inspired by astrology, I was empowered to find my inner weirdness and let my inner voice guide me while I developed a thriving career in helping others find theirs.  It’s my personal philosophy that in knowing yourself, your weak spots as well as your strengths and talents, your hopes and desires, that you too can tap into the inner voice inside your soul and reach your potential. 

A tool like astrology provides a unique road map, like a GPS signal that can help you get on track.

We all have a pilot light inside of us, where through different cycles in life, struggle to find a spark. My job is to help you reconnect to that divine spark within you, helping you burst into a brilliant flame. Depending on the current astrological influences, this might mean helping you reconnect with a hidden passion or a talent you’ve let fall by the wayside. It may be a gentle nudge that perhaps you’ve not been paying attention to your own inner voice and strayed from your authentic path. Other times, it may be suggesting ways and timelines to help you align with a dream or vision for your future.

My aim is help you gain wisdom, clarity and benefit. Whether we connect through a one-on-one consultation, a class, the Golden Circle Club, my blog or free horoscopes, videos or social media, my promise is to share my passion for astrology to empower you to lead a divinely inspired life.

There is something here for everyone!

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