A Tale of Venus in Taurus

This blog post was originally written in April 2018.
The bottom section with the aspects are current for 2021.

Late last year, when I opened my ephemeris and gathered my thoughts about the astrology of 2018, I knew April was going to be an intense month.

Alas, “Venus will be in Taurus” I thought, that will probably take the edge off it a bit. Nope. We had to get past the series of tough Saturn aspects before we got to the good stuff. As always, Saturn demands duty before pleasure.

Yesterday, Venus’ day, I awoke at 4am to the ear-piercing chime of my smoke alarms warning me they were running out of battery. Oh well, up extra early for caffeine and to prepare for an online appointment a little later.

For the first time in months, the weather was cool enough (aka not stinking hot) and it wasn’t raining, so I decided to walk to my local Woolies to buy new batteries for the smoke alarms.

The Sun cast longer shadows, and despite still being unseasonably warm and humid, the Sun didn’t have that bite to it. I live around a fair amount of bush for suburban standards. The native birds were singing and the butterflies were out, it was just… serene.

As I stood in the line to pay for my batteries and some donuts 😉, the lady in front of me complimented me on my skin. Soon thereafter, she began showing my pictures of her 2-day old grandson. She beamed a proud radiance. Glancing at her phone and considering the astrology he was born into, I told her ‘he’ll be a strong and determined soul.’ She smiled and said, ‘of course, he’s an Aries like me!’
She paid for her groceries and said how lovely it was to meet me. It was a sweet interaction with a stranger that doesn’t occur too often these days.

As I walked down the very steep hill back to my house, I felt calm, happy and optimistic. This isn’t to say that anything changed per se, but the feeling did. To be able to pause, breath and enjoy the simple pleasures of the sun shining and birds chirping. To share in a stranger’s joy and then home for coffee and donuts and continue with my busy day, for the first time it actually felt like Venus in Taurus.

Venus will be in Taurus until May 8 / 9.

Being a benefic planet, she oozes a supportive, friendly or helpful quality. She functions at her best while in Taurus, Libra and Pisces.
Venus in Taurus can encourage you to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, especially those that evoke the the senses. Time spent tending the garden, eating fresh produce, drinking fine wines or spritzing your favourite fragrance are all ways to honour Venus at her best. As a native of Venus in Taurus, I live in this realm every day. My home is filled with plants, burning incense and my cupboards are never bare, and yes, sometimes there is wine!

While in Taurus, Venus will activate the signature aspect of 2021 – the square between Saturn and Uranus.

Venus conjoined Uranus, April 22 / 23 10 degrees 
As Venus and Uranus join forces in the sky, you’re invited to experiment in areas of love, beauty, romance and affection.
It may feel increasingly important to express your tastes and desires, particularly in relationships. Uranus demands freedom and authenticity. If you’ve been resisting change for too long, this aspect will promote a change in the status quo.

You may feeling increasingly restless with the way things have been. Stagnant routines can be invigorated if you’re prepared to try something new. Embracing change can help you unlock new levels of togetherness.
Under Uranus’ influence, changes are unlikely to be subtle and more than one may be required.
This is an unpredictable energy will demand an experimental approach. It may mean having to make a bold or risky move, especially if you’re uncertain the changes you’re making will last.
Uranus speaks to the advant garde and you may feel yourself strangely drawn to anything quirky and unique. New discoveries made now may help you reveal a new skill or talent.
Make a move that feels instinctive and totally right for you.

Venus square Saturn, April 25 / 26 12 degrees Taurus / Aquarius

The square forms a 90 degree angle, it highlights two planets working against each other.
It’s also known as a hard aspect, because it encourages dealing with concepts, ideas or situations that challenge us. The upside to this is once the challenge is accepted and overcome, we’re stronger for it.

When Venus is goaded by Saturn, it’s relationships, the ability to receive love and the way we value worth comes under question.
Saturn can spotlight fear or the internal barriers we put up within ourselves to deny ourselves of joy and happiness- the stuff Venus spreads liberally.
If you find excuses to say no each time something good happens to you, or, in this case with Uranus at play – the chance to change, this aspect can help you dive in and explore your fear and what holds you back from happiness.

Finding your fears doesn’t mean they’ll go away. What it can mean is that you can accept that you have fear, but love with an open heart despite of them.
The purpose of a square is to generate friction that prompts action. When you’re fearful, you’re likely to hold back from taking the action you need toward necessary change. 
“The curious paradox is, when I accept myself fully as I am, then I can change.” – Carl Rogers. 

To learn more about Venus in Taurus, check out my latest video on YouTube

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