A Tale of the Moon Through The 6th House

I kind of knew it before I even woke up… it was going to be one of those days. My son tossed and turned through the night, wanting to swap sides or ‘take turns’ as he’d call out in his sleep and demanded I change sides with him as he stole my pillow. Us Mums will do whatever gets us back to sleep ASAP, even if our eyes aren’t fully open and we end up crammed to the edge of the bed- just don’t wake us up!

So needless to say, Mr Cranky pants wasn’t full of smiles and giggles once it was time to wake him for kindy.
So, I made coffee, for a little liquid enthusiasm. I battled and bargained to get him to eat, to put his clothes on and finally to get in the car so we could head off. By now, not only was I still tired, I was edgy and I was cranky. (We’re both Cancerians, so hey, that’s a rite of passage for us!)
I survived the drop off which always leaves my heart heavy, and headed home.

I made another coffee, lit some incense and tried to prepare myself for the days’ tasks ahead which involved emails, class prep and horoscopes. So, I distracted myself with Facebook while I drank my coffee, trying not to feel that permanent hungover feel that is part and parcel of having a small child.
I was still cranky. I was still edgy. I opened my astrological program as I wiped the sweat from my brow, caused by this ridiculous humidity percentage we’re experiencing in Brisbane now.

And there is was.
The Moon was in Scorpio.

For some reason, I failed to jot that fact down in my work diary. I always make a little note when the Moon is in Scorpio because Scorpio is the sign that rules my 6th house. The 6th house is one of the least fortunate houses in the birth chart. It signifies illness, slavery and the archetypical Groundhog Day. The 6th house doesn’t aspect the ascendant, so it doesn’t support us, hence its misfortune.

When the Moon is in my 6th, it kind of feels I’ve lost my mojo. I intentionally avoid taking appointments for consultations where possible. I find I just need to be alone, in my thoughts and feelings.
So, I took my laptop up to my local sushi place and got a couple of my favourite plates and completed a month in advance of some weekly horoscopes I write. Then off for a block of Lindt from Woolies and my favourite swill from the bottle shop! It’s the little things that can make you feel sooooo much better!
Fortunately, the Moon will only spend 2 – 2.5 days in a sign and in a house…so this too shall pass.
Have you noticed a particular Moon sign doesn’t sit well with you? Does it happen to coincide with the 6th house?

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