A Sweet Week – Venus and Spica

Until Friday morning, Venus will remain alongside Spica, forming an auspicious pairing that promises the continuation of cosmic sweetness this week. After the rough trot Venus as been through, I can honestly say, we deserve this!

Together, these two heavenly bodies bode for brilliance and knowledge. Venus now longer retrograde and still at home in Libra, she’s in a powerful position to bring some support, good luck or connection.

As Venus moves from the 25 degree mark she stationed at last Friday, she’ll move to close in on her opposition with Uranus. This is the third and final time this aspect occurs until next year, so this won’t be that much of a shock or surprise. In fact, given Venus’ extremely powerful position now, she’s likely to roll with the punches and welcome any plot twists that come her way.

In our most recent episode of The Water Trio Podcast, I spoke a little more about this aspect and what you may expect from it.

If you know the house that is ruled by Libra in your birth chart, this is where you can expect some extra goodness or benefit this week.

If you’re unsure….
ARIES – relationships, both personal and professional.
TAURUS – work, health/wellness, daily routines
GEMINI – romance, fun, creative pursuits, children
CANCER – home, family, domestic life
LEO – knowledge, writing, learning, short travel and communication
VIRGO – cash flow, income and money, self-value and esteem
LIBRA – all about you!
SCORPIO – private zone, time out, rest and retreat
SAGITTARIUS – friendships, networks, hopes and dreams
CAPRICORN – career, public reputation and life direction
AQUARIUS – travel, publishing, academia, life purpose
PISCES – debt, savings, investments

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