A Look at the Horoscope of The Rock

There is no doubting the fame and popularity of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. You don’t have to be a fan of wrestling or even the action movie genre, for which he usually stars, to appreciate and admire his character and charm.
As his career progresses and evolves, his larger than life persona seems to attract more and more fans for a variety of reasons.

One of my favourite planetary cycles to work with is that of the Progressed Moon, and Dwayne Johnson’s birth chart highlights the symbolic and literal themes brilliantly.

Dwayne Johnson
2 May 1972
San Leandro, California


Dwayne has both lights, the Sun and the Moon, in trustworthy and dependable earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn respectively.
In a recent interview, his eldest daughter was quoted as saying how much she trusts him and they have a great bond- very reflective of his earthy planets.

His ascendant is in the sign of Libra, adding to his charm and popularity. The ascendant ruler Venus is in the chatty, flirty sign of Gemini- both in the air element.

Dwayne’s Moon is in the sign of Capricorn (2 degrees) making a wide but applying conjunction to Jupiter (8 degrees). Traditionally speaking, these planets are in their detriment and fall respectively. When a planet finds itself in a less than favourable position, it means that the native must work harder to overcome the obstacles these placements offer. Hard work is one of the lynch pins of Dwayne’s existence.

“Success isn’t always about greatness, it’s about consistency. Consistent, hard work gains success. Greatness will come”

With the Moon and Jupiter together, it shows he has an inner knowing (the Moon) and faith (Jupiter) that hard work will pay off (Capricorn).

The relationship between the Sun and the Moon represented by the lunar phase is also an important feature of the birth chart to consider. For Dwayne, his lunar phase is in the disseminating phase, (135-90 degrees behind the Sun). One of the key factors of this Moon phase is the sharing of knowledge and wisdom gained through life experience- something Dwayne is known for in his charity work especially.

The sign that rules Dwayne’s career (the Midheaven), is Cancer. The ruler is the Moon, so shifts in his progressed Moon will highlight shifts and changes in his public life as well as his internal landscape.

In 1995 when Dwayne was playing college football he was cut from the team. Despite the advice of his father he knew deep within himself that his football days were over. At the time he was in a progressed Full Moon phase, demonstrating that he had reached a culmination of sorts at that point. Given that the Moon is his career ruler, Dwayne listened to his lunar instincts and knew that it was time to move on from football, despite the advice of his father.
Within his first year as a WWE wrestler (1996), Dwayne’s progressed Sun conjoined his natal Saturn, demonstrating that his new life direction would have longevity. In addition, Dwayne’s progressed Moon returned to the same sign it was at his birth, within 12 months of embarking upon his wrestling career. This is known as the progressed lunar return that everyone experiences at age 27-28. This would have intensified his inner knowing that he was on the right track with the direction he was steering his life and career.

By 2000 Dwayne had released an auto-biography, despite being famous for only about 5 years at the time and still in his 20’s. The Moon being the patron planet of his career, highlighting his public life and popularity, Dwayne co-authors the publication. The book hit number 1 on the best seller list where it remained for several weeks, catapulting him to fame beyond the wrestling arena. This demonstrated his cross over appeal into other industries.

By August 2001 his first daughter was born, when Dwayne’s progressed Moon and his natal North Node were both at 27/28 degrees of Capricorn. This would have been a poignant period for Dwanye, signifying how his life and emotional landscape was forever changed. The North Node can symbolise a future path or the way forward. Dwayne is quoted as saying in regard to his role as a father, “I realised being a father is the greatest job I have ever had and the greatest job I will ever have.”
During that year, he also experienced his first Saturn return. Saturn, as the Moons despositer demonstrates the emotional maturity and increased responsibility betrothed upon him as a new father.

By 2002 while Dwayne was experiencing his progressed Moon in the sign of Aquarius, he starred in his first feature film The Scorpion King, where he was paid 5.5 million- the highest amount of money paid to an actor in his first role. Saturn (ruler of Aquarius) and the Sun by progression were conjoined, solidifying this new career path. Note the repetition of his Sun and Saturn being a theme when he began his career as a pro wrestler. During this period, Dwayne would take sabbaticals from wrestling in order to peruse his film roles.

In June of 2007, Dwayne and his wife announced they were separating. The progressed Moon, now in Aries, was just a couple of months shy from making an exact opposition to his ascendant and therefore crossing the descendant. This tells us that Dwayne’s inner landscape was craving more independence and self actualisation than the parameters of his relationship were allowing for at the time.
The movement from the progressed Moon into a fire sign would have been unfamiliar terrain for Dwayne because he lacks the element of fire in his chart. This would have been a dramatic time, especially as Aries is not a sign that is associated with harmony in relationships.
Where he would have been focussing his new found fire was in the realm of his career where the Moon dominates, and no doubt took its toll on his relationship.

In 2011 Dwaynes enters a progressed New Moon phase. This is the beginning of a brand new cycle for him. Not only did he make a return to wrestling after a nearly seven year hiatus, he also starred in The Fast and Furious, Fast Five, produced by Universal Studios He had said he wanted to work with the same film company again as they provided him with his first movie roles. Keeping in mind that Dwaynes natal Moon placement is in the sign of Capricorn, known for loyalty. When he entered his New Moon phase he returned to the roots that made him famous, wrestling and Universal Studios.

Dwayne is now having is secondary progressed Moon once again in a fire sign, Leo. He very recently had another baby daughter and described the experience of being there for the labour and birth as ‘walking through the fire’ with your baby’s mumma. Children is one of the significators of the sign of Leo, showing that Dwayne’s progressed Moon into a fire sign this time, has resulted in a much more joyful and heart-warming experience for him.


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