A Change in the Weather – Jupiter/Mars – Sun, Venus, Pluto

A series of aspects forming over the next 5 days is set to bring a change in the astro-weather.

Mars conjunct Jupiter.

Action planet Mars joins up with Jupiter approximately every 2 years. This meeting occurs in the sign of Scorpio, where Jupiter has been since October 10 2017 and will continue through until November. During this time, collectively, we are invited to explore elements of ourselves we’d normally choose to keep hidden. This may include themes of power, jealousy, intensity, fears and our deepest emotions. Over the last few months, Jupiter has been stirring this pot, asking us to embrace growth, almost like a sense of adventure, but with the darkest parts of ourselves.

Mars’ home sign is Scorpio and he joined Jupiter here on December 10. Both the red planet and the biggest one has associations with war and the military. Mars is the soldier, Jupiter is the belief system or the King that is being defended.

When these two planets come together, it’s like the old saying ‘too much of a good thing.’ There is the propensity to overstretch or overdo it.

When we truly believe we are doing the right or good thing, it can easily be interpreted as overconfidence or over-compensation.

Sometimes, when paired both Mars and Jupiter are described as the ‘spiritual warrior.’ Fighting for one’s beliefs. It may also prompt action to seek out exactly what that is.

The emotional nature of the sign in question can make this a highly sensitive transit. Both combative and proud, be mindful of prying too deeply or projecting your emotions onto others.

Take note of where you may feel exposed, rigid, irritated or prodded over the upcoming days, as this may be an indicator of what the longer-term journey of Jupiter in Scorpio means for you.

Mercury Trine Uranus

While this is more frequent, this one packs more of a punch as Uranus has just stationed direct, and Mercury has been in Sagittarius since early November, due to a retrograde cycle of his own.

Very close to the end of the fire signs, it highlights that momentum and change is in the air. Typically, you can expect bright ideas and flashes of insight when these two planets connect.

Changes to the plan or a great piece of news may come your way that you had hope to receive late last year.

Sun, Venus and Pluto

This rare and potent triple conjunction in Capricorn is set to bring some major changes in relationships.
Venus at the very end of her synodic cycle highlights closure and completion. Something old has finally died and is ready for something new.

While Venus is old and tired right now, she’s also wise. She’s aware of power dynamics, politics and other emotional strings attached. She knows her worth now, and she’s done.

This conjunction peaks on the 9th, where both the Sun and Venus will continue together, leaving Pluto behind. She will enter her cazimi phase, where she is forged and renewed. Over the coming weeks, she’ll take her place as an evening star.

Whether you’re single or partnered, this a rare and opportune time to assess your value to others and theirs to you. Evaluate your situation in important relationships including friends and colleagues. Are you getting less than what you’re worth, financially and/or emotionally? Are you readily giving your power away to others?

Consider whether certain people in your life are making more withdrawals than they are deposits.

This are some big astro weather events occurring all at the same time. It may be confronting, clarifying but ultimately healing. Look to the houses of your birth chart that behold Scorpio and Capricorn to see where all the action is taking place.

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