Weekly Weather Insights + Venus in Virgo

I thought you might enjoy a little astro – insight around this week’s planetary aspects.

The rest of October brings plenty of action in the sky.

Monday morning (or Sunday afternoon if you’re reading from the Northern parts of the globe) the Moon continues in Scorpio.
Fresh from the New Moon in Libra, the Moon is still technically in the New Moon phase. You may still be digesting the plans, ideas and intentions seeded late last week.
The Moon will shift into Sagittarius later in the day, emerging into the crescent phase. My personal favourite, this phase is the first visible sliver of light the Moon reflects back to us after a long period of darkness.
There is a child-like naiveté to the crescent phase, where any doubts of uncertainties aren’t enough to hold you back from taking action.
The sign of Sagittarius is a fabulous story-teller, even to the point of not letting the truth get in the way of a good story! With the South Node in the mix, you might like to consider the stories you tell yourself as the week begins. Are they holding you back from the progress you desire? Are they ultimately true? Is there a way you can reframe them and tell a more positive or inspiring version that promotes the outcomes you want?

In other news, it’s a huge week for Venus. From her least favourite sign to occupy (known as fall) she’s doing her best to be an intermediatory to any problems or challenges as she forms aspects to Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. As the ruler of the current Libra lunation cycle, she’ll be offering practical support to keep a situation as harmonious as she can.

18 / 19 October – Venus opposite Neptune – 18 Virgo / Pisces
Venus’ annual opposition to Neptune is an ideal time to get creative, whimsical or even romantic. It may be an inspired idea the brings a practical solution to a problem. If you can, take a little time out for yourself to dream, imagine and create.

19 October – Venus trine Jupiter – 19 Virgo / Pisces
Yes, both of these planets are in the signs of fall, but hey, it’s 2020, so let’s make the most of the skies two best planets joining forces under the most favourable connection. You may be the recipient of help or support, or it might be you in a position to prop up someone else. In the earth element, you may discover the solution to a financial problem or make a practical plan to improve it.

19 / 20 October – Mercury retrograde opposite Uranus – 9 Scorpio / Taurus
This is the second of three oppositions between these two planets. You might gain a new clue or fresh insight around an issue that first popped up on your radar on the 7th. As new information continues to be brought to the light, it may be surprising or shocking. If in doubt, go deep and look to your intuition to help guide you as new facts emerge. Of course, the usual Mercury retrograde delays or confusion apply. Being prepared for thwarted plans can help you go with the flow.

21 / 22 October – Venus trine Pluto – 22 Virgo / Capricorn
Truth, trust and honesty are always highlighted when Venus and Pluto join forces. Under the gentle influence of a trine, you’ll be supported in showing your soft or vulnerable side. You might experience practical or financial shifts that can lead to lasting change. By working through real problems within a relationship, the depth and intensity you encounter can turn into true intimacy.

22 / 23 October – Sun in Scorpio
The Sun exits Libra and dives straight into the murky depths of Scorpio. In the North, the season of Fall becomes fixed. Here in the South, the Spring days provide a gentle yet increasing warmth. Regardless of the season you’re experiencing, it’s a time to be still. To go with in and contemplate. With the upcoming Mercury cazimi at the end of the week, deep insights can be revealed. If doubt arises, embrace it. Confront what you’d otherwise avoid. You’ll be glad you did.

24 / 25 October – Venus trine Saturn – 25 Virgo / Capricorn
With the air cleared after the Venus/Pluto aspect, new commitments that leading toward stability can be arranged. Saturn may reveal the cracks within a relationship that aren’t working. Together, you can agree on new boundaries that can seal these cracks, providing a solid foundation from which to grow. Conversely, if you’ve realised you’ve reached the end of the road, Saturn’s mature approach can help you cut ties and move on.

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