5 Tips to Make the Most of Virgo Season

The Sun has now arrived in practical Virgo, bringing some relief after an extended eclipse season coupled with a pile up of retrograde planets.

The last couple of months have been exceptionally introspective, intense, cathartic and healing. Many people have desired change, but felt unable to make a move. A common question I’ve found myself asking my clients in sessions recently is, ‘what do you want?’ Four small words can have such a loaded meaning.

Over the coming days, you may slowly begin to notice the cosmic tide change, helping you take practical action toward your truest desires.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the most of the Virgo vibe.

1. Commit – Virgo is an Earth sign who promotes patience and humility. The element of Earth appreciates practical and tangible results. The Sun in Virgo can help you commit to something and make the daily effort required to materialise your goals through forming better habits.
2. Be Flexible – As a mutable sign, Virgo knows when to switch things up. The most successful people have the capacity to stay loyal to an outcome, but know there is more than one way to get there. Be open to changing the game plan, especially if you find a better way.
3. Discern- Whenever I hear the phrase ‘separate the wheat from the chaff,’ I think of Virgo. One of their best qualities is that of discernment. Take an analytic approach to a situation and be honest about what isn’t working. Ditch what doesn’t serve the purpose and continue to improve and build upon what does.
A good declutter of your physical space can assist you with better mental/emotional clarity too.
4. Channel – One of the shortcomings associated with Virgo is to try and make things perfect when all that is required is consistent effort and continual improvement. The house in your birth chart that holds the sign of Virgo can help you work out where to channel your most concerted efforts.
5. Be kind- humility and service are Virgo’s domain. Until September 23, make an extra effort to be helpful and offer practical support.

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