The End of Taurus Season

‪‎Taurus‬ season is about to draw to a close on Saturday, signalling the end of a month of serene bovine vibes. We will then head into a new astrological month, spearheaded by ‪‎Gemini‬.

Over the next couple of days, do something nice for your body. Taurus loves touch, so some pampering such as a massage, manicure or a visit to the hairdresser will make you feel on top of the world!
After having a quick flick through my Facebook feed, I couldn’t help but notice photos of food or friend updates involving chiropractic appointments or visits to the salon.

Taurus also loves the practical and material world which includes money and the garden. This morning I watered my pots plants and noticed with excitement the new shoots coming through after I recently re-potted a few of them. Later today, I will be attending my finances and drawing up a budget to save up for a few things later in the year.
The Moon will be in Libra until 4:29pm (AEST) emphasising the feel good ‪Venus‬ vibes.

Speaking of Venus- I’m spending a whole day talking about her next Saturday. Details are here!

Do you have anything on the Taurean agenda? Is there a little trinket you’ve had your eye on? Do you have some gardening to catch up on or some financial reviewing to do?

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