2021 Global Predictions

*This article was first published by the WellBeing Predictions Almanac 2021

With the profound shifts in the economic, political and social frameworks that permeated 2020, it’s likely that the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis will continue to put pressure on existing systems, highlighting old and obsolete structures that need innovation. This will be demarcated by the pressure- inducing influence of Saturn and Uranus, particularly in February, June and December. During these periods, we are likely to see sudden collapses of structures as strong tensions build between conservative and progressive ideologies, while the tried and true methods of Saturn become challenged by fresh and innovative directions, as suggested by Uranus.

As the fabric of organisational structures and the way they are managed are forced to change, the opportunity can emerge to create a vision for the future that is realistic and practical, but not too restrictive or conventional. As the forces or order, Saturn, are pitted against chaotic Uranus, we may see upheavals, protests or riots in order the challenge and change established systems.

The cycles between these two antagonistic planets often demonstrate how different countries attempt to impose their power by installing authoritarian or totalitarian regimes. Uranus fights for freedom and revolution, stirring up chaos and uncertainty, while at the same time, Saturn holds steadfast in an attempt to maintain stability through order and control. When a collision between the old and the new becomes apparent, times of change become unavoidable and can cause extreme tension and crisis in societies as well as individuals.

While Saturn brings stability and order, too much becomes restrictive and oppressive. Uranus offers disruption and change, which can lead to liberation and awakening, once the dust settles. This can often manifest in sudden economic collapse, civil unrest, protests, riots, terrorism and radicalisation, breakthroughs in technology, science and medicine, industrial incidents, political and social breakthroughs and reform, and the obtaining or loss of liberties and freedom.

The ongoing mission for governments is to recognise that civilisation demands a balance between freedom and structure. Too much freedom and society becomes chaotic and destructive, and with too much structure, oppression prevents creativity and the ability to flourish. Finding workable compromises will be a challenge as Uranus can go too far in its demands for change, while Saturn will go to great lengths to maintain the status quo. When no happy medium can be reached, Uranus’ volatile nature can result in violence, explosions and chaos. Unpredictability will be a certainty.

Even when economic, political or social reforms come from the best intentions, they often result in authoritarian or totalitarian idealology, succeeded by uprisings and revolutions. Sometimes, the opposite occurs, after an uprising comes oppression. As these energies become intertwined, they can manifest in contradictory ways such as repressive revolution and unpredictable authority.

We are likely to see this freedom / oppression paradigm manifest through the internet, technological innovation and the way information is shared. While freedom to access the internet continues, apps and algorithms will have greater ability to control behaviour and thinking. Ideologies that promote the safety and wellbeing of citizens may open the floodgates for further data mining and other forms of social engineering.

Structures left vulnerable and exposed from the aftermath of COVID-19 are poised to fail. Systems and corporations will require reform but the question will remain who is poised to benefit from the proposed changes? At the time of writing this article, April 2020, the introduction of the COVID-19 app from the Australian government suggests that continued surveillance of citizens packaged in the interest of health may be a clue of a continuing theme. Mandated vaccines, digital economies and workforce dominated by artificial intelligence is not a formula for freedom for the majority.

The current cycle between Saturn and Uranus began in 1988. Since then, the restructuring of world economies along neo-liberal ideals eventuated in the domination of globalisation and transnational corporations, headed by a small selection of ridiculously wealthy individuals. 2021 initiates the final phase of this cycle prior to its completion in 2032. Referred to as the ‘crisis of consciousness,’ this phase represents dissolution and endings in preparation for the next cycle. This year will have a big impact on the possible dismantling of the centralisation of power and the Western dominance of the world economy. The powers that be will resist relinquishing globalisation and a centralised government. Instability will be pushed to the extreme.  

While things change so quickly, it may seem like an obvious solution to grasp the first option that promises freedom or reduces discomfort. One thing is for certain, we are witnessing the crumbling of empires and a restructuring of economies and power. In this collective transition of consciousness, chaos and uncertainty can be unsettling, but also generates a creative spark of positive change. To be led by fear and old conditioning can further enslave us into a technological grid we can never escape from, or we can walk eyes wide opening into the Great Awakening that has been promised for so long.

For more detailed timing of events, this is something I’ll covering in my Golden Circle Club in the upcoming months.

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