2020 Global Predictions

*This article was written in April 2019 and published by WellBeing Predictions Almanac 2020

2020 General Overview

2020 may see the manifestation of new possibilities as we collectively usher in the beginning of a new longer 150-year cycle as well as a shorter 20 -year cycle. Profound collective shifts of this magnitude will take time, so this year may see closure and completion while new prospects emerge simultaneously. Deep and fundamental changes within political, economic and religious structures will be inevitable and may prompt redistribution of power and wealth that will become an ongoing theme over the upcoming years.  As that happens, there may be a last-ditch cling to power, conservative control or the withholding of wealth, resources and information, especially in April, June and November. As these cycles we’re shifting into and out of can highlight historical turning points, we’ll discover the integrity and morality (or lack thereof) of those who hold power, and their ability to manage both financial and natural resources. We may bear witness to severe abuse of power, tyranny and political corruption as old systems and structures begin to topple.

One of the ways to predict the future is to examine history. The current long-term cycle coming to an end is reminiscent of 332 – 551CE, the period of time known as the Fall of Rome. During those years, destabilisation and decentralising of power occurred as empires broke apart in Europe. Political power and wealth were dispersed within tribes and communities. We are seeing history repeat now with Brexit and the European Union (EU). In Australia, we may see the debate over severing ties with the Commonwealth and becoming a republic make a return to the national political agenda this year.

With profound changes on the political, corporate and economic landscape, we may see a resurgence of artistic, humanitarian or spiritual influences in February, July and October. Individuals or groups who have been forced into the fringes of society may gain popular support. Mystical, magical or esoteric traditions may become increasingly mainstream. Established religious communities or organisations may soften their policies in order to become more compassionate, inclusive and relevant.

2020 will be a year for tearing up the rule book and we-writing rules that better reflect changes in humanity, the environment and our living standards that have developed over the last 20 years. Back in 2000, when the shorter-term 20-year cycle began, the term ‘globalisation’ became a recognised political and economic concept. During that cycle, much of our day-to-day lives have become Internet-dependent. While that has had its advantages, it’s also given opportunities for large companies to capitalise on convenience and amass great wealth, power and political clout.

With that in mind, internet security, privacy and hacking issues may continue to be an ongoing issue for both individuals, companies and governments alike. With information readily available at our fingertips, its ease of access may become challenged by governments in order to maintain and contain the way information is shared. Some countries may even outlaw certain topics.
Leaps and bounds in technology will continue, so new laws, ethics and standards will need to be addressed about online security and the spread of information and data mining online. This tension between government control and freedom of information may give rise to young voices in politics. Outsiders, rebels, geniuses, the marginalised, and even dissonant may offer new solutions that inject fresh air into old systems and establishments that are fairer on the collective, rather than a select few.

2000 also coined the term ‘global warming,’ now referred to as climate change. Weather events or natural disasters in June may see a push in collective energy toward sustainable farming, food production and re-forestation solutions. Air quality and pollution control is spotlighted to be an ongoing theme as well as the impact humans have on the environment.

As the eclipses of 2020 crossover two portions of the sky, they offer a window into the future before the door is completely closed on the past. As old structures and paradigms fall new facts and information will be revealed that will change values and alter perspectives. The challenge may lie in redefining old beliefs and integrating new philosophies based on facts that continually change. The next cycle of eclipses may bring developments in our education systems, in both schools and universities. We may see the progression of the trend toward online based learning as technology continually develops at a rapid pace.  Eclipse dates are; January 11, June 6, 21, November 30 and December 15.

Cassandra Tyndall is a writer, astrologer and teacher with a passion for powerlifting. She travels regularly between Australia and the US, when she doesn’t have her head in the stars, you can find her in the gym or spending time with her young son. Visit cassandratyndall.com or Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or tune into her Water Trio Astrology Podcast.

2 thoughts on “2020 Global Predictions”

  1. I agree the world has to change and for the better as there is far too much greed is good in this world and the rich are getting richer and the rest of us poorer unions have to make a comeback and workers need to be protected

    the suits at the top need to go we need more younger voices and women in charge

    kind regards Deniese

  2. I am following many other astrologers since 1982 ,, I am surprised by your marvelous predictions ,, you’re excellent , wish you all the best !

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