Month: June 2018

Full Moon in Capricorn + Reformulating the Plan

Unlike the hopeful optimism of a New Moon, Full Moons allow us to clearly see what was previously invisible. This week, a giant spotlight will illuminate your goals, commitments and how you choose to spend your time. Important choices can be made that bring you into alignment with your biggest priorities.

Profections- Birthdays and Changes in Direction

I’m on the eve of my 41st birthday.

Ever since I was a kid, before I know much else about astrology except that I’m a Cancer, I always looked forward to what I described as the ‘personal New Year.’
I never have much liked the month of May, it always felt a bit like Winter before the Spring-like feel of a birthday and a fresh start.

Venus Opposite Mars and Doorways of Desire

Notice what irritates you this week. Are your needs more demanding than usual? Perhaps you’re needing more time alone.
Rash choices or impulsive action under feel tempting under Venus’ fiery influence and Mars’ penchant for impatience.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Every two years the red planet, signifying desire, motivation and action takes a break and turns within. The next three months invites us to internalise and reassess our passions and purpose, asking the $64 million question, “What do I want?”

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign about the collective and can be detached by nature. It may help to see things from the outside looking in. Seeing a situation from a new vantage point can bring fresh perspectives on what is important, what is not and how to move forward.

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