2018 – Dark Light

Since the dawn of time, human beings have always wanted to know what the future holds. Since antiquity, observations where made based upon planets ingressing into certain parts of the sky where omens where then formed.
Over thousands of years, as these cycles repeated, the nature of time could be depicted based on a planets position. These planetary cycles used in astrology are one of the methods used to forecast the ‘weather’ of the future.

As the old year becomes new, we are filled with hopes, inspirations and plans for the upcoming 12 months. Regardless of what your intentions are for 2018, one big theme on the way is change.

One of the most significant differences from where we’ve been to where we’re going, is the shifting the outer planets from masculine to feminine signs.

Throughout 2018, we will have
Jupiter in Scorpio
Saturn in Capricorn
Neptune in Pisces
Pluto in Capricorn

From May – November we will get a preview of the 7-year cycle of Uranus in Taurus, another feminine sign.

The Yang and the Yin

Over the last few years, we’ve had a predominance of the outer planets in masculine air and fire signs. While this has brought inspired ideals, the recent past has also been wrought with volatility and movement. Since October 2017, with Jupiter’s entrance into Scorpio, we begun entering new territory of the feminine element of water.

Just last week, we experienced the first major shift into Earth, the other feminine element, thanks to the ingress of Saturn in Capricorn. The first three quarters of December was marred with the fiery crescendo of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn entering home territory has been a significant change in key.

The quality of 2018 is set to be an introspective or reflective year, highlighting depth and togetherness. Personal priorities will become important as well as aligning our inner world with the outer world.

Restoking the Fire

Mercury’s triage of retrogrades will occur in fire signs, with just the teeniest dip into water on the final reverse. The opportunity to gain perspective on the ideals and optimism of recent years will invite you to reassess whether you’re not only talking the talk, but walking the walk. Are you taking practical steps to execute based upon your deepest beliefs? Are you blending inspired optimism into the grounded and pragmatic experience that is suggested in 2018?

Key dates to focus your fire under Mercury retrograde are:
March 23- April 15
July 26- August 18
November 17- December 5

Best Intentions

In addition to Mercury, Mars will undergo his biannual grinder of a retrograde from June 26 – August 26 in the fixed sign of Aquarius, with a short dip into Capricorn in the final two weeks. It will take Mars a total of 5 months to tour through the water bearers sign, and will bring increased focus and attention, albeit painfully slow progress in one particular area (house) of your life.

This extended pause can help you gain clarity around your motivations. While Mars is in reverse, intention is favoured over action. Lost ground can be recovered from September through till November.

Deep Reflections

Cosmic lover Venus retrogrades again this calendar year, bringing deep reflections upon the last time she back-tracked through Scorpio in 2010. While Venus and Jupiter don’t conjoin during this cycle, they will both be exploring deep murky water together. This will be a profound period in making or breaking relationships.

As Venus performs backstroke through Scorpionic waters, she turns to Mars, her host, for advice. Fresh from his own retrograde, Mars now has clarity around what he wants and will be empowered to act. He’ll offer Venus the same advice.

Jupiter in Scorpio
October 2017 – November 2018

Truth, trust and loyalty are paramount when the biggest planet tours the deepest sign. The key to growth and expansion may lie in exposing the darkest parts of yourself and allowing your vulnerabilities to become your strength.

One of the keys to making the most of this cycle is to run head on into what you fear. Seek out experiences that are confronting or challenge your comfort zone. Public speaking is a challenge for many. If that is the case for you, try speaking in small groups first. Once you’ve done that, try bigger groups. Each time you do it, it becomes a little less scary and you’ve experienced the growth that Jupiter promises.

Perhaps it’s being truthful in relationships. Truth isn’t necessarily the antithesis of dishonesty. Truth is the compounded effect of our experience. Dishonesty can take shape in the little things we choose to ignore. Not speaking up for yourself, not calling your partner (or yourself) out on bullshit, not saying what you really feel or want out of fear of the reaction. These issues while small, have a tendency to build over time and if left unchecked, can fester into a gaping wound. Scorpio can offer profound healing, but the ugly parts will need to be exposed and dealt with first.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, so persistence will pay off. Keep digging until you find your own reservoir of personal power. Tapping into your resilience will help inspire, motivate and set your soul free from fear.
Relationships of all kinds are highlighted under this cycle as deep connections are sought out. You may find that superficial connections just don’t hold water for you anymore.

Saturn in Capricorn
December 2017 – 2020

Taking responsibility for your ambitions will be a huge theme while Saturn is in Capricorn. The next three years will encourage hard work to obtain things that last. Whether it’s career progress, financial security or a committed relationship, Saturn in Capricorn can help make manifest.

This cycle may remind you of some of the old school rules for success such as commitment, routine and not just showing up, but most importantly, getting work done. When I think of Saturn in Capricorn, the word ‘execution’ comes to mind. Dreaming, hoping or wishful thinking is for fools if you’re relying on that alone. I’m not a Star Wars fan, but I think Yoda mentions something about trying is not enough, you must do.

Saturn’s associations with time will become important over the next few years. Re-structuring your time to reflect your personal priorities will be key. How you spend your time will reflect your success, or lack thereof.
Saturn’s ‘no frills’ quality can help you make mindful choices about taking on more responsibility or perhaps, passing on the baton to someone else.

Time is our biggest commodity. If how you’re spending time doesn’t reflect what you wish to achieve, this New Year period may be the perfect opportunity to plan, schedule and organise. Consider your to-do list. If feelings of frustration or tension arise from not achieving your long-term goals, then a major overhaul of your time management strategies will be a must. Decisions made may not be easy, but they will feel right.

Saturn in Capricorn can help you face the reality of a situation. The timeless quality of this cycle can help you reduce and refine particular areas of your life to ensure you’re left with quality rather than quantity. In order to achieve this, you may have to experience some short-term pain for long term gain.

Long held traditions may be up for a restructure too under this period. As you begin to choose with more mindfulness about how you spend your time, you may come to realise that some rituals and traditions don’t hold the meaning they used to.

Uranus in Taurus
May – November 2018

It’s been 5 years since we had a significant shift in the outer planets. Due to their greater distance from the Sun, they change signs less regularly. When they do, they bring significant shifts individually and collectively.
Uranus and Taurus bring opposing qualities to the table. Uranus waves the flag for change and chaos. Taurus finds stability in practicality and resistance.

Long established patterns and routines can be up-ended under the influence of Uranus. Taurus’ ability to dig in its heels and endure can be positive qualities in some circumstances, but can ultimately leave you unstuck when Uranus is involved.


Taureans or those who have personal planets in Taurus, or the fellow fixed signs of Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are likely to feel Uranus’ influence the most in 2018.
Uranus will be in Taurus for the second half of the year. Due to a retrograde period, he will slip back into Aries, then return to Taurus in early 2019.

Fixed signs are the most resistant to change and the preview of this 7-year cycle starting in May offers you the opportunity to start taking small steps to embrace change. If you find yourself doing things because that’s the way you’ve always done them. Stop. That is your invitation to try something different, no matter how small the step, take it. It’s generally easier to have several small tremors, than one massive earthquake!

At the same time, the above-mentioned Mars retrograde occurs, this may be your que to pause and reflect upon your deepest desires and re-route your path accordingly.

Taurus is the most materially focused sign of the Zodiac, while Uranus craves freedom and separation. You may form new attitudes about what you own or possess under this cycle, especially if you feel tied down by the things you own.
As the need for freedom and independence heightened, your relationships may change too. Habits and routines in relationships of all kinds may undergo significant shifts. As you seek to express your essence in new ways, it may be necessary to leave some situations, and some people behind unless they can embrace the emerging new you.

Overall, 2018 reflects the concept of ‘be the change you wish to see in the world.’ Deep introspection and questioning of your personal priorities is a must. It’s not about change for changes’ sake, but rather aligning the changes within your heart to create the life you want.

If you’re looking for an in-depth look into the astrology of 2018 and how that plays against the backdrop of your own birth chart, I’m now taking bookings through January. You can schedule your appointment, or find out more information here.

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