October 2017

Sun Conjunct Jupiter – Fighting Resistance

Remember when you first learned to drive, you focused on every tiny detail. Every gear change was exhausting and heaven forbid the lights went red and you were on an incline, going through the motions of the clutch release in your head? Remember the terrible butterflies each time you got in the car? Now, you get from A to B and wonder how you even got there.

Royal Connections- The Astrology of The Crown

Turns out, that in one of my current classes, we had recently studied Prince Philip’s chart, then low and behold, the following week, he stood down from public engagements. So, the royals had been fresh in my mind which is probably why the show caught my eye.

New Moon in Libra – Redefining Relationships

Is there a part of your life where things may be balanced, but teetering upon the boring? Do you need to re-establish the definition of harmony, of balance, of truth or justice?
Are you wearing too many hats in your life in order to please everyone else but yourself?
Perhaps you need to unleash a pioneering spirit within you and do away with what others deem to be acceptable.

Venus In Libra

Libra is the masculine expression of Venus. Represented by the scales, Libra seeks harmony and balance in her interactions with others. She seeks to resolve ill feelings and restore equilibrium.

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