July 2017

Leo Season Has Arrived!

The general nature of a New Moon is to plant seeds for manifestation around the area of life the New Moon falls in. It’s like a cosmic invitation to pay attention to something you might not otherwise be focused on or be paying particular notice of.

Birthdays and the Progressed Moon

In case you didn’t know, I recently had a birthday. It wasn’t just any birthday. It was my 40th. There were no champagne corks popping, parties or middle aged (did I just say that?) cruises to anywhere fancy. It was a lovely dinner for two out in the city and the big day itself was a trip to Byron Bay.

Full Moon in Capricorn

This Full Moon encourages you to reflect upon your decisions and take action about what it truly means to be secure, both emotionally and financially/physically.

Venus in Gemini

After being in her home sign since June 6, Venus has now shifted into fun and flirty Gemini. In Taurus, one of her ruling signs, Venus is focused on stability and material comforts. There’s a certain hold steady element to Venus while in the Bull’s sign. Although giving, she’s reluctant to move forward without certainty of outcome.

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