June 2017

Solstice Wishes

This turning point for the Sun is asks us to pause and reflect on the last 6 months, since the previous Solstice on December 21. What have you achieved? Where can you make improvements? What do you wish to manifest until the Sun stands still again?

Sun + Saturn = Frustration

Frustration is the feeling of this week, signalling that something needs to shift. The fact that these two planets are opposing each other highlights a lack of balance. Too much work, too many obligations, too many responsibilities. It can be easy to lose a sense of your own identity when you’re busy being a wind up solider.

Venus Conjunct Uranus

Venus has been touring Aries for an exceptionally long time. As a planet who enjoys the good life, Venus hasn’t been having the most pleasant time in action orientated Aries. Since February 4, the cool moist planet entered a hot dry sign. Venus likes to unite and connect, whereas Aries is independent and prefers to go it alone.

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