November 2016

New Moon In Sagittarius

With a total of 4 planets in Sagittarius truth and honesty is a major theme of this lunation. Other astrological factors of this New Moon tap into transits of this year highlight a threshold between the events of 2016 and that of what is to come in 2017.

Jupiter Square Pluto

The over-arching theme of the Jupiter in Libra article is that of truth, harmony and balance. As a sign represented by the scales, Libra seeks to find equilibrium and fairness. Being of the air element, Libra seeks this fairness in social encounters, particularly in the sphere of relationships.

Mercury…Saying Yes and Committing

Today’s supportive sextile between Mercury and Jupiter paved the way for some big new opportunities. With Mercury and Jupiter at 15 degrees of Sagittarius and Libra respectively, the world is your oyster if you’re prepared to think big!

Sun In Sagittarius

The Sun’s annual passage through tropical Sagittarius begins Tuesday 22nd November. The change of element from fixed water to mutable fire is akin to that of yin and yang or from stillness to movement. As a sign symbolised by the archer, Sagittarius can help you push out into the world and explore new horizons, seeking adventure, purpose and truth.

Mars In Aquarius

Mars has had a tricky time of it this year. A long and arduous retrograde phase during the first 9 months then finally, September 28 he moved into Capricorn, the first sign change outside of his backward transit all year.

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