September 2016

Mars in Capricorn- Secrets to Success

This week has the potential to be an astro-game changer as action planet Mars FINALLY changes signs. Normally, Mars would charge through a Zodiac sign in about 6 weeks, however, he’s passed through only 2 signs since January. This is an extremely slow transit for a planet who likes to initiate action.

Weekend Astro- Libra Equinox + Mercury Direct

This balance between day and night, light and dark, the Sun and the Moon is further emphasised by Jupiter’s current transit in Libra. The Great Benefic in the social and diplomatic sign can operate like a form of social lubricant, but if the scales are out of balance and can’t be brought back into equilibrium….well, we need look no further than Brad and Angelina to see how that can pan out.

Pisces Lunar Eclipse

Full Moons represent a turning point in the monthly Moon cycle. At the very moment she reaches her culmination, she begins to lose light and strength until she has no light left of her own. By the Balsamic or Dark Moon phase, which will occur again in a couple of weeks, the Moon becomes like a smart phone on 5% battery, desperately needing to be recharged.

Jupiter In Libra

As the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter is 1300 times larger than Earth, he can deliver long term developments that don’t happen all the time. Jupiter is known as the bearer of fortune, luck and opportunity. Think back to a period in your life where opportunities landed in your lap, or you seemed to have the Midas touch- that would have been Jupiter at work.

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