August 2016

Cosmic Catalogue- August 29 – September 4

Mercury retrograde in Virgo can make the focus on details excruciating, especially for those who tend to gloss over the finer points most of the time. If you’re anything like me, who tends to say yes and then works out the details as you go, you could get a little unstuck!

It’s Virgo Season!

People often ask me if the astrological significations of the signs are reversed in the southern hemisphere. The answer is no. Sometimes though, they manifest in a different yet equally appropriate way. Although we’re not battening down the hatches in preparation for Winter here, one of the ways I see Virgo manifest on the south side is through one of her major themes of purification.

Saturn, Neptune and Swimming Pools

When it comes to swimming, whether you’re the type of person who likes to elegantly dive in, tip toe and feel your way through the water or just bomb dive in, most people will attest the feeling of being refreshed, re-invigorated and renewed. It’s almost like you’re metaphorically washing something away- your thoughts, your fears, your problems, or maybe you simply like that fresh feeling on your skin.

Cosmic Catalogue 15- 21 August

This is the last full week of the Sun’s stay in his home sign of Leo. Wednesday sees him make a supportive trine aspect to Uranus. This dynamic fire duo radiates a bold and unique energy that demands to be seen and heard. Act from the heart and be authentic.

Mercury In Virgo- Data, Details and Preparation

Mercury likes to move fast whereas Virgo, being an Earth sign, likes to take time. Virgo likes to collect all the details and data and slowly process them before making a decision. This combination lends itself to critical thinking, strategic planning and dealing with life’s mundane and logistical details.

Leo New Moon + Weekly Update

This week begins a new month that is filled with changing tides, curve balls, moments of confusion combined with clarity. August is the last leg of the first three quarters of 2016. Come September, the terrain will become a little smoother.

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