July 2016

Weekend Astrology 28- 31 July

The heavens have been a little quiet this week with the most action coming from Mercury.
Yesterday (Wednesday), he made an electric aspect to Uranus, which proved for many, including myself, to be the bearer of good news! I hope you got a good dose of cosmic connections, a new perspective or a bright idea about how to move forward.

Cosmic Catalogue 18- 24th July

The house in your birth chart governed by Capricorn signifies where you may need to separate yourself any emotional ties or memories from the past that may be halting your progress toward a long held goal. Both Mars and Uranus may shake up what is secure and comfortable, but Capricorn knows how to play the long game.

Cosmic Catalogue- 11- 17th July

One of the most exciting developments of the week is Mars taking his first step after a long month hovering at 23 degrees of Scorpio. The urge to do, to create, to push forward will be impossible to resist. What felt like a massive obstacle will barely be a blip on the radar now.

New Moon in Cancer

This is one of the most exciting New Moon’s of the year as this lunation brings an alignment with Sirius, a Fixed Star associated with fame, honours and success. 
Mercury and Venus are also cuddled up super close to the New Moon, suggesting that communication will help you gain the support you need. Help isn’t far away, you just have to ask. 

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