June 2016

Mercury, Jupiter And A Link To The Future

Mercury is fast approaching the last aspect he’ll make while in the sign of Gemini- to none other than exciting, electric and dynamic Uranus.
Be on the lookout for good news, a piece of information that comes out of the blue or a breakthrough regarding a pet project or a great opportunity that will be a gateway to your future.

Cosmic Catalogue 13- 19 June

Until December 2017, one of the lessons of Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius is that real progress can be made when you’re adaptable to change and when opportunity and hard work combine. The challenge is to not lose your inspiration in the process.

Upcoming Events

The second half of 2016 is set to be super busy! I will soon add a calendar/events page so you can keep up with where you can catch me for consultations, workshops and lectures.

Astro Weather 6-12 June + Birthday Comp!

This quiet week begins with a stunning conjunction from the Sun and Venus at 15 degrees Gemini. Being in the superior position, Venus in on the farther side of the Sun. The last time Venus shone her mirror outwards, toward the great black yonder was October 2014 and will occur again in January 2018. She perfects this meeting on the 6th around 9:50am AEST.

New Moon in Gemini

Under this New Moon, make a promise to connect with those special people in your life that boost your spirits and make you buzz with energy. We all have that one friend that doesn’t matter how much time passes between speaking, you always pick up from where you left off, just like it was yesterday.

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