May 2016

Astro Weather 30 May- 5 June

This week is set to bring plenty of astro- action that will culminate in a New Moon. Where possible, finish lingering projects that you’ve been procrastinating on, or, start a to-do list that will help organise and refine your most important goals and intentions. Where possible, stop, rest and reflect before rushing into to anything. After the New Moon is the best time to put your plans into action.

Planetary Weather- 23 – 30 May

Tuesday sees Venus leave her home sign of Taurus and enter busy, curious and flirty Gemini. Her entrance into the sign of the twins will shift the pleasure principle from the physical realm to the cerebral. Venus in Taurus prefers quality whereas variety is the spice of life in Gemini.

Full Moons and Angel Cards

When the watery Moon and fiery Mars combine, one of two things can occur. Your fire can be quelled, or you can create steam. The lack of water in this lunation suggests a mighty fire of some description will erupt. What may seem like a disaster now can guide you towards right path that will be highlighted under next month’s Full Moon, also in Sagittarius.

The End of Taurus Season

‪‎Taurus‬ season is about to draw to a close on Saturday, signalling the end of a month of serene bovine vibes. We will then head into a new astrological month, spearheaded by ‪‎Gemini‬.

Planetary Weather 16-22 May

After the brilliant meeting of the Moon and Jupiter over the weekend, this week is relatively quite aspect wise. Four planets still in retrograde, coupled with Jupiter stuck at 13 degrees for the rest of May, this is the last week to enjoy a slow and steady pace as the planetary party begins to shift into the sign of Gemini.

Taurus New Moon

The Balsamic phase is about closure and completion. Rather than initiating new projects, what can you put to bed in time for the fresh start the New Moon on Saturday morning promises? You may feel increased energy and motivation under the dynamic Aries Moon. Use this to focus on lingering tasks you may be procrastinating on and get them done.

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