April 2016

Astro Weather 25 April – May 1

Confusion, delay and general blunders may permeate the week once Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus. This is a super slow transit in a super slow sign so it’s not ideal to begin new undertakings. Instead, finalise lingering projects and tie up loose ends

Full Moon in Scorpio

Under a Scorpio Full Moon, deep and submerged feelings may arise from the dark and murky depths. The feelings, the issues or the stories you keep hidden or buried may bubble up to the surface. Under this lunation that occurs annually, the balance between both physical (Taurus) and emotional (Scorpio) security are highlighted.

The Sun Enters Taurus

Wednesday sees the Sun make his annual journey through the sign of Taurus. For the next month, you are invited to slow down and smell the roses. Like a lazy cud chewing bull, Taurus is not a sign known to move swiftly and prefers to laze in the warm mid-season sunshine.

Mars Retrograde – Forged In Fire

For the best part of 5 months, Mars will be visiting the same area of your life where Saturn also occupies until late next year. The area where you may be experiencing the struggle to find focus or the ability to move at the pace you’d prefer, like the half man half beast that the sign of Sagittarius represents ,Mars will swoop along and provide the inferno that will be a test of both courage and faith alike.

Mercury and Jupiter- Manifesting Luck

Today and tomorrow (April 14 and 15) brings supportive bonds between Mercury and Jupiter.
Being the jolly gas giant that he is, Jupiter offers buoyancy and a touch of luck to Mercury, who is currently stuck in a slow sign and applying the pre-retrograde breaks.

Planetary Weather- Week Beginning April 4

Tuesday brings the first major planetary aspect with the Sun linking to Saturn after he stationed retrograde last week.
As the Sun and Saturn meet under favourable circumstances, you might re-connect with some big picture visions that have fallen by the wayside, especially those that may have felt more important or urgent when the Sun and Saturn formed a conjunction on November 30 last year.
Under Saturn’s current influence, you may wish to work on re-prioritising your goals, responsibilities and obligations to allow yourself more freedom and flexibility.

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