March 2016

Saturn’s Retrograde Through Sagittarius

Saturn is known as astrology’s ‘bad guy’. When a major Saturn period comes knocking, his arrival is often anticipated with dread. Even those who consider themselves on good terms with Saturn will climb the uphill road with teeth clenched.

Mercury and the Sun

The Mercury Cazimi window is still wide open. This represents the point in Mercury’s cycle where we can expect the greatest momentum in matter’s relating to Mercury-communication, writing, speaking and our ability to connect and network with those around us.

Astro Weather 21- 27 March

This weeks astro weather brings a plethora of energy to the heavens. Key players this week are Mercury and Venus and with a Lunar Eclipse in the middle of it all, this week may end up very different to how it started.

Astro Weather 14- 20 March

All is quiet in the sky this week after the spectacular display of the Sun and Moon that was the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

A Gemini Moon welcomes the week with a chatty, flirty vibe ripe for socialising and networking. It seems fitting that the majority of this weeks aspects are brought to you by the winged messenger, Mercury.

Astro Weather March 7-13

The Moon slipped into Pisces, just after 5am this morning. The Balsamic or Waning Crescent phase is ideal for completion of tasks rather than embarking upon the new. Your personal energy may be low as the Balsamic Moon signifies rest, release and surrender.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces- I Dunno

For the past few days, I have had friends and fellow astrologers alike ask me what is my take on Wednesday’s eclipse. I did my best to offer something relatively insightful and inspiring. As my mind pondered, I could sense the lag from brain to tongue, endeavouring to not simply blurt out, “I dunno.”

Planetary Weather March 1-6

March skies brings a very mutable energy, especially from the 13th – 21st which delivers a concentration of changeability and movement. With exception of the Moon, who changes signs every 2 to 3 days and the long term transits of Uranus and Pluto, March will be mutable madness.

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