February 2016

Mars Retrograde- Passion and Purpose

Normally, Mars spends about 2ish months in a sign. However, this reverse passage sees Mars spend 4 months in Scorpio and 4.5 months in Sagittarius (inclusive of shadow time). He doesn’t enter Capricorn until September 27!
This is a long time for Mars to be focused on just 16 out of 360 degrees of the zodiac, shining a bright spotlight on one or perhaps two areas of your life.

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Know Thyself

This morning, I went to a meditation group that meets once a month. It’s held on the other side of Brisbane so I left extra early in anticipation of caffeination, and to ponder the astrology of the week. When I arrived, I discovered that the room had been double booked, and if the group still wanted to go ahead with the meditation, then we’d all meet up at a local beach- better location but no coffee shops!

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