January 2016

Planetary Weather Week Beginning 25th January

Fresh from a Full Moon in Leo yesterday, the week begins with a spot of Mondayitis with only the Moon initiating planetary action to start the week.
She will make an early morning link to sombre Saturn, setting the tone for a bit of hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go.

Mercury and the Full Moon- Refill Your Cup

Mercury and Pluto’s previous entanglement occurred late December where situations surrounding communication, the way we think and our thoughts are back on the table. Caution with your minds inner workings, words and logic may be required as Pluto’s obsessive nature combined with Mercury’s trickery can confuse or skew issues that can be easily solved by paying closer attention.

Planetary Weather January 18-24

The week begins with a slow and serene Taurus Moon, working her way towards full come Sunday.
Under the bull’s influence, you’re invited to slow down and enjoy some personal indulgence. A Taurus Moon is perfect for a relaxing massage, a hair appointment or luxuries that spoil your body and mind.

Planetary Weather January 10-17

Tuesday evening will bring excitement and unpredictability in love as Venus links with Uranus in the form of a friendly trine. This fiery connection will bring back some spark after Saturday’s serious Venus/Saturn meeting. If you felt the cold, dry or harsh separateness that Saturn can bring, Uranus’ aspect may bring a thrilling, unexpected and welcome shift.

Planetary Weather January 5-10

The Moon continues to diminish in light in preparation for Sunday’s New Moon. As she quietly completes her waning cycle and begins anew, the rest of the heavenly bodies make for an intense start to the first working week of 2016!

Mercury Retrograde and the Oathkeeper

Mercury asks you pay special attention to the Earthly areas of your chart (if you know what houses are governed by Earth signs) but in general you’re looking at the tangible, financial and stuff around material security.

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