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Contemporary Astrology Program

New Contemporary Astrology Program starts June 6

The Contemporary Astrology Program (CAP) is a 2 – year immersion into the technical, philosophical and practical components of astrology.

CAP combines a range of ideas and techniques from the Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Psychological eras that will equip you with a broad minded and well rounded approach to your practice.

This course will help you attain the skills and understanding not just to know a bit about astrology, but to actually do it!

Take advantage of my 20 years in practice of how astrology works in real life, not just in the text books!

I look forward to seeing you in class!

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In this informative and insightful presentation, you’ll learn about the important planetary events that will flavour the skies of 2024.

Explore what it will mean for you to have Jupiter in detriment for the next 12 months
30AUD until May 14, 35 thereafter

Until February 15, 2026, Saturn in Pisces demands that you create something tangible from the abundant Jupiter in Pisces transit of 2021 and 2022.

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