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The Business of Astrology

The Business of Astrology

On a regular basis, I have clients and students wanting tips, insights and hacks into how to create a business and a life they love with astrology.

In this 1-day workshop I’ll share with you both the practical and energetic shifts that will help catapult you into the life you feel called to create.

Please note, this isn’t a workshop covering astrological technique. It’s business coaching workshop for astrologers.

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Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights – The 8th House

In this webinar, you’ll learn some of the history and myth associated about the 8th House. We’ll examine birth charts that underpin the importance of this House and how it can be easily overlooked and avoided.

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2021 Global Predictions

As the forces or order, Saturn, are pitted against chaotic Uranus, we may see upheavals, protests or riots in order the challenge and change established systems.

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Sun in Virgo – Adaption & Improvement

Being of the earth element and ruled by Mercury, the Virgo energy is about thinking and doing. One of my favourite personal philosophies is the power of “decide and do.” You get the opportunity to do this with planets in Virgo.

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Courses and classes designed for astrologers and astrology enthusiasts.

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Explore your unique cosmic fingerprint and understand who you are through the lens of astrology.

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