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Contemporary Astrology Program

Contemporary Astrology Program Module 1 - The Houses - Starts this June!

Houses provide the template from which divine planetary energies transmit their meanings, giving them significance to your life!

In Module 1, you’ll learn about the 12 Houses in depth.

While this module will touch on other forms of house division, this course focuses on the Whole Sign system used in Hellenistic Astrology.

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Choosing Change with Saturn and Uranus

If you have fixed angles or planets in your birth chart, start choosing change or else, the change chooses you and then you have no choice. It may be helpful to take small meaningful steps, rather than taking a giant leap into the unknown. You could start with the smallest things like simply changing your mind about something.

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A Few Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde

Rather than over – relying on facts and data, lean into magic and possibility. Stretch your mind into what’s possible rather than what’s probable. Allow Mercury to guide your mind and soul into the mysteries and magic that busyness and distraction of everyday life doesn’t make room for.

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June Astrology Overview

There’s potential this month for some major destabilisation to occur. With Mercury about to station retrograde under the effects of a lunar eclipse that just happened on May 26, I encourage you to give some thought to what changes you may need to make.

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