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Contemporary Astrology Program

Contemporary Astrology Program
Year 1 begins in August!

The Contemporary Astrology Program (CAP), Year I, is an immersion into the technical, philosophical and practical components of astrology. By the end of Year 1, you’ll have a solid grasp on the principles and practice of communing with the planets and reading birth charts. 

Year 1 is divided into two semesters, each consisting of four monthly modules.
Each module contains 4 – 6 pre-recorded classes ranging from 1.5 – 3 hours in length. Weekly live Q&A discussion, practice and workshopping and class forums.

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Eclipse Guide

Eclipses are a disruption of the regular lunation cycles. Rather than the usual monthly New or Full Moon’s an eclipse sees the light of the Sun or Moon temporarily blocked. A New Moon eclipse, called a Solar eclipse, see’s the Sun’s light blocked by the Moon. A Full Moon eclipse, know as a Lunar eclipse, is where the Moon’s light is blocked by the Earth.

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Jupiter Neptune in Pisces – a Global Perspective

Themes of unified collective global power and universal moral values are emphasised as the new Jupiter Neptune cycle happens in the background of 2020’s elemental shift of Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn through Air signs for the next two hundred years.

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February Astrology – Changing Directions

We are still early in 2022 and the first week of February does have a bit of a “New Year” feeling to it. A New Moon plus Mercury direct will see things start to return to regular programming.

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The Golden Circle Club

Monthly Astrology

Plan, prepare & align with member access to exclusive astrology videos, calendars, resources + bonuses. 

Learn Astrology

Accelerate your astrology studies / knowledge by gaining a better understanding of planetary patterns & cycles.

The Astro Tribe

Join us for monthly calls with other members to discuss the transits & get to know the community!

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