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Mars Rx Circle

In this private container I’ll share some ‘astro-coach’ ideas of combining astrology with life-coaching techniques to help guide and align you through the astro-weather storm.
My intention for this circle is to tap into a way in which we can transmute any of the limitations and challenges of this period and reach the next level of happiness, abundance and joy. Even though the weather conditions are tough, together with our collective hope and determination we'll get through it!

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Weekly Weather Insights + Venus in Virgo

In other news, it’s a huge week for Venus. From her least favourite sign to occupy (known as fall) she’s doing her best to be an intermediatory to any problems or challenges as she forms aspects to Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. As the ruler of the current Libra lunation cycle, she’ll be offering practical support to keep a situation as harmonious as she can.

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The Gift in Being Fed Up

There is a tremendous gift in being fed up.
It’s your inner voice telling you you’re ready to change. To invite something new. To cut away the thoughts, stories, the situations or possibly even the excess skin that holds you back from what you truly desire.
It’s the rock and hard place that invites change.

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Mars Retrograde Support Circle

The absence of solid sisterhood, or brotherhood, has left us bereft of deep, soulful connection, mentorship, accountability and responsibility. And that loneliness is killing people.
For a while now, I’ve been trying to find a way I can utilise this lengthy Mars in Aries visit to my 11th house of community, friendship, hopes and dreams in a more meaningful way.

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