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Contemporary Astrology Program

New cohort begins June 7!

Take your interest in astrology to the next level! Go beyond podcasts, YouTube videos and self – study and learn how to actually do astrology!

Join me in a year – long immersion into the houses, signs, planets, aspects as well as lunar and solar phases, fixed stars, essential dignity and so much more and be guided and mentored every step of the way!

The Contemporary Astrology Program combines a range of ideas and techniques from the Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern Psychological eras that will equip you with a broad – minded and well – rounded approach to your practice of astrology.

Latest Posts

2023 Global Predictions

As Pluto dips in and out of Capricorn and Aquarius in 2023, Pluto will begin the process of consolidation and changing of Capricorn – related structures, systems, hierarchies, oligarchies – all of whom have thrived since 2008

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Aries Solar Eclipse – one door closes, another door opens

The Aries solar eclipse will activate a particular house in your birth chart. This will show you where you may seek more independence, autonomy and the space you desire to do your own thing.

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Venus in Pisces – Unlocking your magic

You might find yourself drawn to healing practices or anything that is a balm for your soul. This could be delving deeper into spirituality, self-care routines or anything that promotes connection, softness, ease and flow.

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The Golden Circle Club

Monthly Astrology

Plan, prepare & align with member access to exclusive astrology videos, calendars, resources + bonuses. 

Learn Astrology

Accelerate your astrology studies / knowledge by gaining a better understanding of planetary patterns & cycles.

The Astro Tribe

Join us for monthly calls with other members to discuss the transits & get to know the community!

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